Ways To Reduce Fuel Costs: Another View #2

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November 2, 2008

This week is dedicated to “Ways To Save” while enjoying RV-ing. On that note, I have two blogs today.  Both focus on saving through the reduction of fuel costs.  One that really works, and one just to put a smile on your face.  I will leave it up to you as to which is which.

Some Great ways to reduce fuel consumption while enjoying the RV lifestyle.  These are called The Big Five Fuel Savings Tips.

#1)  If you tow a vehicle four down, remember to take it out of park! This great tip may not only help to increase your motor home’s fuel mileage, but it may also extend the life of the towed vehicle’s tires.

#2)  Plan all your destinations so you are always driving downhill. This is a real super idea, kind of makes you wonder why nobody thought of this.  Anyway, if you have any trouble figuring out where this could be done, just go back to that school you used to attend.  You know, the one you had to walk 5 miles to, uphill in both directions – and reverse that process.

#3)  Weight! Can’t forget, less weight, less fuel needed.  So, let’s get the lead out.  If you are travelling across country, you don’t want to be dragging dead weight.  So…..Have the spouse and kids go on their own and meet you at the final destination.  Don’t deny them the opportunity of seeing the country though.  Have them hitch hike.  Batteries are heavy and the house bank may have two or as many as eight.  You don’t need these until you arrive at your destination, so have the spouse and kids take those too.  That certainly is not asking much, as you are bringing everything else.

#4)  Pick destinations that have a motor home repair service facility nearby.  That way you can disable your engine temporarily, call Coach Net and get a free tow to that location.  Oh, one more thing.  Make sure you do this on a weekend.  That way, the repair facility will be closed.  After the tow truck leaves, enable your engine and drive into camp.  Wow, saving fuel can be fun!

#5)  When fueling up, stay alert.   While fueling your motor home many great cost reducing opportunities often present themselves.  If the guy filling up next to you goes to wash his windshield, grab his pump nozzle and stuff it in your tank.  Hello!  That’s why they put a fill port on each side of most diesel pushers.  Remember to watch and return it to his vehicle prior to him returning.

Note:  Please do not take any of this as serious.  Also do not attempt this at home.  We are specially trained and wear special equipment.  There were no animals injured during the writing of this.

Don’t miss reading “Ways To Reduce Fuel Costs: One Method”  #1  also posted today.

With Some Fuelish Ideas    –    Lug_Nut    –    Peter Mercer

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  1. Check out this site. This Is the closest too a ceramic frictionless engine you’ll get. Add to your oil and watch 20 % change in fuel econ. add to the rear ends also. 50 cents savings per 100 gals of fuel is an extra 50 bucks in your pocket.
    Comes from Germany.

  2. Y Naught, That’s a great idea! Only problem is, how are you going to watch the big game on your giant screen while driving the car? Maybe it would be better to put the wife in the toad behind, and have her step on the gas when you tell her to. This would only require a cheap two-way radio, and besides there would be no one to yell at you when you spill your beer. Now we’re really saving, big time.

  3. Here’s the perfect ticket for diesel pushers, towing a gas car. Since there is such a disparity in the price of diesel vs gas now, take the hitch off the front of the car – place in on the rear or the car, and tow the M/H. Note, getting the right brake buddy on the M/H is imperative, otherwise getting to the bottom of a long downhill could get real interesting. Everyone knows the towed car gets lots better gas mileage than the M/H, so why hasn’t anyone figured this one out.

  4. Dear Down On My Luck, You may be jumping to conclusions, prehaps your wife just knows a person that happens to be a divorce lawyer who may be willing to drive her to your next destination. If not, tell her “Lucy! You got alot of explaining to do.
    Thanks much for your input Brad.

  5. Dear Peter:
    I have a problem implimenting your suggestions. Lucy refuses to hitch hike and Earl the kat is also adamant about the idea. After I told her that was what she should do to save fuel I found the phone number of a divorce lawyer on her cell phone. What should I do, Dear Peter. Is this like a Dear Abby column?
    Down On My Luck.

  6. Lug_Nut

    Mark Skotek, Great tip. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  7. I leave the wife and kids at home when I go camping, that save a lot of money and and leave the RV in the back yard and take the car that saves gas, then to save more money, instead of camping I go to the casino more fun for me.

  8. GlenO

    I like the idea of less weight shipping the wife out front via hitch hiking with the extra batters. I will have to suggest that. I know it will go over real solid. I.e. Solid Frying Pan wise!!!!

  9. Starr Piercy

    I am looking for a handicap-equipped RV in good shape and low mileage. I need a lift for my Hoveround, but do not need hand controls for driving. I’m looking for gas, rather than diesel. Anyone out there with one for sale?

  10. Mark Skotek

    One more thing is no joke because it happend to me, I got bad gas mileage because of dragging brakes, (no joke0 It will kill gas mileage 2, 3, or more miles a gallon. I recomend after driving on a route where you did not use the brakes to let the rig coast to a stop then get out and feel the brake drums or roters. If they ae warm or cool everything is ok, but find a hot one or two there is brake drag, if all are hot , try it again after they are cool. I found out many times a dragging brake will keek getting hotter the farther you gobecause more heat makes the brakes tighter.

  11. Mark Skotek

    You can save gas by shuting the engine off when going down hill, dont forget to tailgate 18 wheelers and hope they dont stop in a hurry. Also do not use the generator, airconditioning, close all windows, drain all water, fresh gray and black. Also overinflate your tires, dont fillthe tank (gas), less weight , even using electric will make the alternator cause drag. It will not be fun but you will save gas but maybe not your life !!!!!!!

  12. Stefan

    Great tips:
    #3 I can’t do this as I might get overpowered and and have to meet my wife at the campsite
    #5 I do this already. for those of you that were filling up next to me, all I can say is Thank You

  13. Larry

    On number (#1) please remind owners to read their manuals first…Jeep Liberty states (after putting your 4-wheel drive in netural) always put the transmission in park when towing four down.

  14. Carol