The New Kindle Tablets – Great E-Readers for the Campsite

We discovered the Amazon Kindle ( a few years ago. The Kindle has always been a brilliant e-reader, and a Godsend for any RV traveler who enjoys reading. With a Kindle you can carry an entire library of books in the same storage space as one traditional paperback.

The new Kindle Fire 6 is only $99, making it one of the best bargain tablets available today. (Click the pic for more info.)

The new Kindle Fire 6 is only $99, making it one of the best bargain tablets available today. (Click the pic for more info.)

With the Kindle Fire ( tablet, Amazon has built a strong alternative to the iPad. The Kindle Fire is a full featured tablet experience that goes beyond being a simply an e-reader.

Note that if you want an e-reader in the classic Kindle configuration go for the Kindle Paperwhite. The screens are not backlit, so the experience is very much like reading a paper book.

Heck, if you want a great basic e-reader for cheap, you can get a plain Kindle ( for a mere $59. This is a value proposition that’s tough to beat.

Kindle Fire is a media consumption device. Pretty much anything you can do on an iPad you can also do on a Kindle Fire. In addition to books, we’re talking magazines, movies, TV shows, and music.

The first generation Kindle Fire tablets were a bit underpowered and hampered by a clunky interface. But in recent years, Amazon has greatly ramped up the horsepower of these devices, while also improving the interface software. Today the Kindle Fire is an incresingly mature product with several standout features.

Kindle Fire is especially attractive for members of Amazon Prime. In fact, if you are already an Amazon Prime member then a Kindle Fire is a no brainer purchase.

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In the beginning, Prime was a simple service offering free 2-day shipping on all Amazon orders. It has grown to be much more. Now Amazon Prime offers a litany of media benefits.

Amazon Prime members have access to free movies and television shows that are easily viewed on Kindle Fire. This benefit of Amazon Prime works much like a Netflix account.

Then there are the Amazon Music benefits. Amazon has partnered with the music industry to deliver thousands of songs free of charge to Amazon Prime members. These songs are available individually, in albums, and even in playlists. The playlists are especially enjoyable as they are musical collections that have been cultivated by actual human beings (not just a bunch of computer algorithms).

Amazon Prime even offers unlimited photo storage, an incredible benefit for any avid photographer.

Amazon has broadly increased the selection of Kindle Fire tablets. Perhaps the most interesting is the cheapest of the bunch: the Kindle Fire 6 is a 6-inch tablet that’s a smidgen smaller than an iPad Mini. It’s lightweight and therefore great for travel. Yet the screen is plenty large for media viewing and Internet browsing. Plus, it’s very reasonably priced at less than $100. At that price, it’s a modest investment to sample the Kindle Fire experience.

Is Kindle Fire a viable alternative to iPad? Increasingly the answer is yes, especially for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon’s growing universe of Kindle tablets is delivering options to suit just about everyone’s needs and budget.

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