The Great Lakes – Re-visited!

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April 20, 2008

I have to say that when I wrote my Great Lakes piece last week, I was just writing what was on my mind. I didn’t realize that my writing would affect people as it did. Since I did receive positive replies to my article, I decided to write some more about the great Lakes.

One of the responses I received was from a gentleman named Brian from Louisiana. He told me that he and his wife lived in Michigan for forty years and my article had caused him to be home sick. He also said that his wife did some paintings of Mackinac Island and some were displayed in the Michigan Capital building by invitation of the governor. I took a look at the site and wrote back and told him that his wife had really captured the feel of the island. If you get the chance, don’t miss her website Her paintings are great to view and well worth viewing her website!

One of the things I like about writing is when people know of campgrounds and sites to see in those areas. Many people made some great suggestions, and I plan on looking into some for my own travels.

Of course, the locals know about the Great Lakes Circle Tour, but for those of you that do not know, there is a series of scenic highways around the Great Lakes that are known as the Great Lakes Circle Tour. I have been on many of these highways and plan on traveling on all of them eventually. The Great Lakes Circle Tour is 6500 miles of international road systems and so you can spend quite a bit of time traveling around the Great Lakes! For more information, check out the Great Lakes Commission web site:

After writing my last article, it was suggested by one reader that I do a lot of ‘Dreaming’ and that instead of just writing about them, I should just go and fulfill those dreams. I can honestly say that I am doing what I can to fulfill those dreams. It is true that I do have a bunch of dreams and I really enjoy writing about those dreams! When I was a kid in high school, I had a dream of getting into computers and make that my career, check! Then, later I had a dream of starting my own business, check! Now, I have many dreams of where I can visit with our travel trailer. I can’t fully say ‘check, but I am trying and will continue to do so.

I do have to tell you that of my dream to take a cruise on a Great Lakes ship, I did find a very cool website that is running a fund raising raffle and the winner will take three others on a cruise on a Great Lakes freighter so you can probably guess that I bought my ticket! Funny thing is, I have known about the website and I really appreciate what they do. The site is Boat Nerd and their website is Here’s the info about the raffle:

I think that will do for now about the Great Lakes, but I am certain that there will be more articles about the Great Lakes as there is so much to see!

See you next Sunday and Happy Camping!

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  2. Roz Nowosielski

    Be sure to see the Pictured Rocks in the UP. There is an absolutely beautiful beach in the National Park near Munising. It is called Miner Beach,and will take your breath away…no matter the season.

  3. Lynne

    Hi. I am a Michigander who now lives retired in Florida. I do motorhome up to Michigan each summer though and it truly is a beautiful state that I love and appreciate. There is nothing better than traveling through the UP in the summer. Ever been to Newberry? There is a campground called Pike Lake that any of the locals can tell you about. Beautiful! Tequamenon Falls (I may have spelled that wrong) is utterly beautiful! In the lower Michigan area, there are beautiful camp areas along Lakes Huron, Michigan and Erie. We love the Houghton Lake/ Higgins Lake areas as well as Traverse City. The choices are bountiful, especially in the fall. The colors are phenominal and scenery breathtaking. Enjoy your Michigan travels. I look forward to hearing about them!