RV.net Weekly Poll – What Do You Like to See at an RV Show?

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March 9, 2009

Spring is in the air and RV Shows and Rallies are in full force. So we want to know two things:
Note the first question is multiple-choice, so select as many answers as apply.

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  2. rich

    In Virginia’s Richmond Show—there are a couple (shop) types that show up—it’s great to have them there-and discuss items that need repair,.
    some (Solar sales venders would be nice too.)
    Cheek & Shockly show up with lots of Items—I love that- since they -Or CW are over 100 miles from me

  3. beth

    I completely agree with pdelorey and I could not have said it better!

    The EXACT same thing happened to us at an RV show in Raleigh, NC. A lot of hype and advertising but very little substance. We too were looking for gear- eqpt-ideas, etc and were very disappointed. And tons of Vendors that have nothing to do with RVing. We got our tickets for free so we weren’t that disappointed but it will make us think twice if we ever want to pay to go to a show.

  4. @John S: I understand what you’re saying, and can’t really disagree as far as it goes. But when it comes to a new RVer or someone changing from one type to another, that person wants to see the greatest possible selection in order to make an informed decision. This is where the big RV shows really shine, they put out a much larger variety than any single dealer can offer.

    No, don’t stop the madness. Let me make a comparison side-by-side. It will make my choice much easier.

  5. I have been to many RV shows at fairgrounds and coliseums since I was 16 years old. My favorite was a FMCA Rally that offered Seminars in everything. Fire safety, batteries, brakes, chassis, solar, tires, Allison transmissions, and others I did not have time to attend as I wanted to see the new RV stuff in sales booths, and view the new RVs & TT for comparisons to my Class A and to see what I new ideas came to mind to upgrade. The seminars gave me an opportunity to speak with experts in the field and I had no objection paying admittance for that education.

  6. John Shelton

    I don’t go to trade shows any more. I do miss them, ……..BUT! A trade show is a venue whereby retailers display their wares. When I pay admission to a trade show, RV show or otherwise, it is exactly as though I am paying admission to a dealers showroom. This is, in effect, what we are doing. Would you pay 8 to 25 dollars or more (including parking fees, etc.) to go to your local hometown RV dealer’s showroom to shop for a Motorhome or any other RV related device? I wouldn’t either, nor will I pay to go to an “off-site” dealer’s showroom! Wake-up America, let’s stop the madness.

  7. pdelorey

    We recently attended the Providence RV Show and it was a major disappointment. We bought a new 31′ Class C in 2008, so we weren’t really in the market for a new one, but I expected to see a lot of gear – equipment – ideas, etc. There were a lot of brochures – like what you can pick up at an information center – Many new RV’s, although very few of the higher priced, luxurious models.

    There was also a large number of exhibitors that had absolutely nothing to do with RV’s or Camping – Windows, Roofers, Vacation Sites. (Not camping.) The admission price was $9.00 and parking was another $10. Next year I’ll stay home.

  8. I go to a RV show to see new RV’s , Gagets and assessories for RVs , camping supplies, and campground information. I personally feel that vendor displays for House sun rooms, Bath tub covers, Spas, and etc… are out of place.

  9. For me, at least, I go to an RV show to see what is available. This allows me to make an informed decision about what I want and how I want to use it.

    In my own case, I’m looking for some form of Toad, either as a pop-up, teardrop, hybrid or larger travel trailer that still falls within the load limits of my tow vehicle. As such, I look at the different motorhomes to see what’s out there, but its very likely I’ll never buy one.

    All have their advantages and drawbacks. Deciding which to actually purchase requires the analysis of these features in a side-by-side environment. Only an RV show gives me that.