RV.net Poll Question: Will The Swine Flu Outbreak Cause You To Alter Your Travel Plans?

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April 27, 2009

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  1. Rob Brant

    We’re with “Charles”. The sensationalist-chicken-little-press is braying again. We’ll ignore them until someone authoritive says something meaningfull.

  2. PapPappy

    DW has COPD, so if she gets the Flu, she might end up in the Hospital…we don’t want that!! We had plans to go to OK and then up to OH/KY for about a week, but now we’ll be staying “in state” her in NC……where supposedly, there are no cases of Swine Flu.

    Am I bumming? Yes, but I’d be bummed ever more, if DW were to get sick!

  3. Maggie

    Not bloomin’ likely. I suspect it’s too cold in Maine for any flu bug to survive for long (a little bit of humor there).

  4. Being that a lot of RV’ers are older folks, one should be a bit careful and watch what is going on. I for one will not alter my travel plans. Personally my wife an I don’t go to Mexico, so I don’t worry to much about another country. Common sense should prevail where we go and what we do. We live free and enjoy each day that we are on the road and looking at the top side of the grass. Live for today, tomorrow isn’t promised……………..Fritz

  5. Charles

    If you run and hide everytime there is doom and gloom reported in the media you may as well stay home and have everthing delivered to you, Have it left at the door so you have no contact with anyone!
    Life is too short to hide!

  6. As with everyting in life it is best to be prepared. Here is a link to the CDC for information on the Travel restrictions. http://pfx.me/NP