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July 16, 2008

For all those who enjoys sodas, there is a machine to make your own soda at home or on the road! It is made by Soda Club. It is simple: you use the machine, water, the soda flavor and a carbonation bottle. You buy your favorite flavor and make the soda yourself…

Watch the video to see how to produce your own soda while traveling. Please note the price may have changed since this episode was filmed. To watch other RV Today Product Showcase, Destination and Quick Tips videos, please visit the RV Today Archive.

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  3. Lynne

    Karen– Actually, I have one of these units and they’re great for home and RV use. I’m not a coffee drinker, so soda pop is my daily caffeine fix– specifically diet soda. What I like about the Soda Club diet sodas are that they use Splenda rather than the blue or pink stuff, and the syrup contains far less sodium than store-bought brands.

    The unit uses no electricity, and BOTH the litre bottles and CO2 cartridges are reusable. The only thing that gets thrown away are the little syrup containers (which are recyclable). For CO2, when you order a refill, they send a messenger to trade out your old empty bottle with a filled one.

    I really like not having to lug lots of heavy, bulky cans and 2 litre bottles from the store anymore, especially if some of it is now old and flat.

    All and all, a great product that is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying big brand traditional soda.

    True, it’s not as good for you as good old, plain water. But Soda Club is healthier soda than the big brands, so an improvement for me.

  4. This is such a silly and expensive addition to anyone’s home, let alone your RV. Are there corn fructose sweeteners in the flavors–if so, beware. With rampant obesity, why spend $100 to expand your waistline & add to your health woes?? Granted you can reuse the liter bottle, but what about recycling the CO2 cartridge (which is huge)??