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June 27, 2008

Follow Stew Oleson on his presentation of a Xantrex Power Pack 400. Versatile and very useful on the road, this unit is an inverter and a battery source for jumpstarting your car; its 400 watt inverter will allow you to run your computer, small power tools and fans among other appliances. It will power your camcorder and videogames and can charge your cellular phone. This compact system has additional functionalities: use as an emergency light or a flashlight, to inflate a ball (or even a tire in an emergency), as a radio, etc. Watch the video below for a detailed description:

Note: The price mentioned in the video may have changed. Check with Xantrex for an updated price and newer products.

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  1. Are you still thinking about trlvnaieg the country in your RV? These are both fun contests thanks for sharing them![] Reply:November 9th, 2010 at 8:43 amYes the plan is to leave in May. Time seems to suddenly be moving very fast! LOL[]

  2. I guess you will be toast if your in a Smart Car and an Expedition, Escalade or Hummer hits you head on, doing 50mph. I guess a Smart car is too short to T-bone also (its about as long as other vehicles are wide) wodenr what you would call that???:-) Either way, physics is physics, a small vehicle being hit by a big one is ugly and the passengers (and driver) of the smaller vehicle will be more likely to be injured than passengers of a larger vehicle.

  3. But how many discharge/recharge cycles is it good for?