RV Today Archive – Extended Day Kit

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July 25, 2008

This video provides a demonstration on how to install an extended stay kit, which will allow you to extend your stay without running out of propane. It is a step by step guide, and illustrates checking for no leaks.

This kit runs a barbecue and other plants right off your motorhome tank, but it also allows you to use a cilinder, so you don’t have to use the propane in your motorhome,

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  2. jack

    Does that mean your RV tank is empty already or is the RV take full and using the Grill. DOes this connection let you use the 5 gallon take as a source for RV appliances eg hot water etc.

  3. Sheldon

    The purpose for the second tank is so ypu do not have to unhook your RV and drive to get more propane. Just hook up an auxillary tank.

    Anyone want to point me to the same kit they used in the video? I cannot find any except the ones for dual tank trailers, not an ASME motorhome LP tank.

  4. Larry

    In the video clip it was not clear to me the point of hooking up the portable propane tank. It you have your barbecue hooked up to the RV’s main propane tank what is the point of hooking into your 5 gallon portable tank?