RV Doctor – Is There An Easy Way to Access RV's Water Lines?

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July 2, 2009

Dear RV Doctor,
I have a water leak that looks like it is coming from under the tub when I turned the hot water tank bypass off. Is there an easy way to access the water lines without destroying the inside of the bathroom? I think the damage is caused from mice chewing a hole in the water line. Please help! – Joe Linneman, (Wentzville, MO)


Gary BunzerJoe, from a technical standpoint, one of the nice things about working on RVs is the relative ease at which some components can be exposed. Unfortunately, this fact often does not apply in every instance.

RV water lines can sometimes be difficult to locate. But typically, by removing a panel or an accessible flooring section, one can successfully gain access to most of the fresh water plumbing system. The clue to a removable panel is to look for screws instead of staples holding them in place. And it’s quite common to find such a panel under or near a tub enclosure.

In those instances when a removable panel does not exist, it is often possible to carefully cut an access hole and install a larger piece of like paneling trimmed with garnish to cover up that opening after the repair is made. In other cases, a small access hole can be cut in order to facilitate the repair and then an aftermarket louvered vent secured to cover the hole. The fact is; if there is a water leak, you’ll have to gain access somehow, even if it means designing some type of cover-up afterwards.

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