Renovating the Rig

Renovating or updating an existing RV is a popular project for many.   This is far less costly than trading up to a new rig, yet if done right, may offer a whole new and different feeling.  Some of the most common updates people make are as follows.

  • 99354071Replace TV(s) with a modern larger flat screen. This provides a big bang for the buck. They are far lighter than the CRT type, require far less electrical energy to run, have built in off-air digital capabilities, equipped with built in smart internet connectivity and they are reasonably low in cost.
  • Replace RV absorption refrigerator with residential type. Less cost, better cooling. Extra house batteries and suitable inverter may be required.
  • Replace worn out carpet with durable tile, ceramic or vinyl. Hard floor surfaces perform well in the RV environment. Beach sand, wet feet, and grass carried in on shoes is easily cleaned up.
  • New dinette configuration. Changing from a free standing to a booth type dinette, or vice versa, can be a welcomed change.
  • Reupholstering of furniture. This offers the chance to totally change the look of your living quarters with new exciting color choices. Pick fabrics that suit your lifestyle.
  • Replace or resurface kitchen counters. There are wide choices of materials available for this job. The cost for this can be quite reasonable given the relatively small size of most RV galley counters.
  • Ceiling treatment change. Recovering or altering the look of the ceiling treatment can produce a dramatic interior atmosphere.
  • Lighting upgrades. There are many choices of lighting options. L.E.D. (Light Omitting Diode) lamps, though pricy, have many advantages; cool operation, very low power draw, and an extremely long life are but some.

In selecting materials and components for these jobs there are certain criteria that each must meet.  Firstly, they must be light in weight.  A granite counter might work well at home but may be too heavy for your RV.  Components and their installation must be such that they can handle severe vibration and shock load.  Other considerations, such as extreme temperatures and barometric pressure changes, are also important.  For example, a Plasma flat screen TV is not recommended.  This type of set does not adjust well to the barometric pressure changes associated with changing elevation levels in mountainous regions.  LCD or LED TV’s are a far better choice.

If your unit has slide outs and you are changing the floor or ceiling coverings, check the clearances first.  The slide rollers or guides require space for moving.  Thick floor covering, for example, may impede the guiding mechanism during extension or retraction of the slide.

There are many important considerations to make prior to jumping into these kinds of jobs, so do your research first.  Then go ahead and put your unique stamp on it.

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