Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: The Glacier Institute, or “How to Really Experience Glacier Park.”

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May 29, 2011

Mountain Lion photo by Jim Peaco, NPS

I had been gone a long time. Too long. Southern California has its charms, but Montana it’s not.  After my stint on the So Cal wild side (can’t share; wouldn’t be prudent), I returned to Montana longing to know Glacier National Park even better. Sure, I had gone on several hikes, taken visitors on Going-to-the-Sun road about a thousand times, and had day (and night) camped a few times over the years. I had read a lot, as well.  But I wanted to know more. I wanted to learn about the Park from experts. Then someone mentioned, “The Glacier Institute.”  Perfect for me, and I hope for you. I love the Glacier Institute’s motto, “Learning Gone Wild.” And it’s true.

Photo by Bryan Harry, NPS

I could go on forever about the “courses” I’ve taken in Glacier Park on Mountain Lions of Glacier Park, Grizzlies and Black Bears, and Wildflowers of Glacier. Suffice it to say, they were outstanding. The classes may have different names  now, but I’m confident the Glacier Institute quality remains the same. Those courses required me to hike in places I’d never been with a motivated group of strangers of all ages, led by experts. It was all a sweet, wonderful challenge that thrilled and sometimes exhausted me. If you, or your kids, want to burn off some energy (depending on the course) while learning a tremendous amount about the Park, consider contacting The Glacier Institute.

Take a look at their outdoor course offerings just for July, 2011:

July 1 Youth Adventure Series: Predators & Prey
July 6 Railroad History
July 7 Middle Fork River Ecology
July 8 Grizzlies & Black Bears
July 8 Youth Adventure Series: Fire in the Forest
July 9-10 Glacier’s Grizzlies
July 13-14 Nature Photography in GNP
July 15 Family Nature Photography – Kids with Cameras
July 16 Beavers: The Best Dam Habitat Builders
July 16 Glaciers & Glacial Geology
July 18-19 North Fork River Ecology by Raft
July 20-23 Photography in Glacier Country
July 22 Youth Adventure Series: Wilderness Skills
July 27 Glaciers & Glacial Geology
July 29 Youth Adventure Series: Predators & Prey
July 31 Wildflower Wanderings at Logan Pass I have found one of the greatest joys of traveling is taking classes, courses, etc. as you get to know the area on a different level.  Perhaps The Glacier Institute will thrill you, as well.Happy Tales to you and yours,Patti

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