New novel features retired couple fulltiming in their motorhome

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April 29, 2012

By Bob Difley

on_the_road_to_deaths_door_coverIt’s not often that a novel comes along that includes the heroes or perpetrators using an RV, but in M. J. Williams’ new mystery novel, On the Road to Death’s Door, the hero (Stan) and heroine (Emily) are recent retirees and have just taken up fulltime RVing in their Winnebago motorhome. Stan  retired from teaching college history and she is a retired homicide investigator and they have driven their Winnebago to a Florida resort for a family reunion of his former college buddies in Wisconsin’s scenic Door country.

While Emily leaves Stan to tip a few beers with his buddies, she goes off on one of her passions–shopping garage sales–a questionable hobby for someone living in a motorhome. However, the danger of overloading her rig with the rug she bought to go perfectly under their awning and which is rolled up on the roof becomes of secondary importance when they later throw the rug off the roof and a dead body rolls out of the rug .

Everyone seems to be involved in who dunnit, including the curmudgeon local sheriff and all the college buddies–a hippie priest, a politician and would-be governo of the state, and a business executive. The case becomes more complicated as more bodies turn up and retired cop Emily becomes more involved–and it becomes even more obscure who the killer is and why, and who else may be in danger.

You can find this entertaining read on its Amazon page for $10.95 in paperback or $2.99 for the downloadable Kindle version.

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  2. The book sounds good I just finished the book by Sue Henry. She has written others also. I have been reading since I was in the second grade. We take books and leave books at all the R.V. parks we stay at.

  3. TravelingTarheel

    For those of you ho do enjoy mysteries, Sue Henry has written three books with a 65 year old solo RVer Maxine who travels with her dog Stretch. Though I’d had previous RV experience traveling with my husband, reading these books was the final push to try it solo since his death 10 years ago. Not traveling around so much, except for the trip across country to Washington state, but loving the work as a volunteer campground host in several state parks.

  4. Manuel Enos

    Nothing like a good mystery or SciFi novel to get the old blood running again!!

  5. Jim G

    Curtis is on the mark, IMHO. I have fond memories of reading Hardy Boy mysteries with under the covers with a flashlight and my passion for reading has never waned. A mix of non-fiction, especially the best seller, Unbroken, mixed with thrillers and mystery novels does it nicely for me. For those who share a love of reading novels that incorporate RV life, etc. just do a search on Amazon with, RV and Fiction and you will be amazed at the volume that is available.

  6. Hi Bob, I love reading a good book. I have been reading books since 1943.
    I was 8 years old then. I love reading! It is hard to put a good book down once I get involved in it. A mind is a terrible thing to waste! Exercising your Brain by reading will keep you from getting Als. I’m 77 years old and my mind is sharp as
    ever. Oh well, to each their own.I write poetry myself!

  7. eric

    For those interested, it’s $9.85 on Barnes & Noble (not available, yet, for Nook, unfortunately.)

    Y’all remember Barnes & Noble? It’s the other mega bookstore online.


  8. RixeyGal

    I only ready murder mysteries and this one sounds great! Thanks for the info.

  9. Jim G

    Well Bob, for what it is worth I enjoy reading all types of fiction including mystery novels and always appreciate hearing about a good read which is my favorite way to relax at the campsite. So for what it is worth, I just downloaded the kindle version and plan to start it as soon as I finish reading a non-fiction book about the advantages of being open-minded.

  10. catchesthewind

    Hi Bob. When you get done reading the mystery novel they make great fodder for the campfire and other things.

  11. Watch it Butterbean, my sister-in-law is a mystery novelist (not this one) and she doesn’t trust people who are not interested in mystery novels–and she knows a lot about murder.
    I put this on the blog to encourage more RVing writers to try a novel–and see whether they sell to RVers, like Jim G. for instance. Might even try one myself one day.

  12. Jim G

    I am not interested that you are not interested in mystery novels.

  13. butterbean carpenter

    Howdy Bob,
    I’m not interested in mystery novels!!!!!