Get out your floral dresses and patterned suits, because the Kentucky Derby is upon us! As we celebrate the fanfare and pastiche of Churchill Downs, we would be remiss to not tip our feathered caps to the iconic cocktail known as the Mint Julep. Long heralded as the official drink for the first Saturday of May, we only felt it was appropriate to include a recipe to wow your friends at this year’s Derby party.


  • Mint leaves (about 8)
  • Simple Syrup (¼ oz)
  • Bourbon (2 oz)
  • Angostura Bitters (A few dashes)
  • Mint Sprig


  1. Muddle mint leaves with simple syrup in a Julep cup (or a whiskey glass).
  2. Pour in your bourbon and fill the glass with crushed ice.
  3. Mix and stir until the glass is frosted.
  4. Form a dome by adding more crushed ice, and garnish with a few dashes of bitters and a mint sprig.

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