Learning more about Canada at the Museum of Civilization

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July 24, 2013

As part of our recent visit to the Museum of Civilization, we have also explored part of the historical and cultural exhibition on the First Peoples Hall.   The museum highlights various parts of the history of Canada and it’s always nice to go see artifacts up close and personal while visiting.

The First Peoples Hall contains over 2000 artifacts that come from Canada’s Aboriginal peoples from sea to sea.    You can see gigantic totems in the Grand Hall and explore the diversity of the First People in Canada.   There are numerous crafts made by Aboriginals as well.   I am in awe of the creativity of the First Peoples even to this day.


It wasn’t the first time we explore this specific section of the museum.  In the past, the kids were able to discover various games that Aboriginal kids would play in order to develop the skills they would need as adults.

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Elsewhere in the museum, you will also discover the Canada Hall which will take you through a journey of 1000 years of social history within our country.   The first section focuses on the Atlantic region, Quebec and Ontario through the years 1000 to 1885.  The second section will present the Western and Northern Canada from 1885 to the present.

To complete your visit and learn more about Canada, you should definitively check out The Canadian Personalities Hall which will allow you to meet face to face with twenty-seven Canadians whose decisions, actions and accomplishments shaped our country.

The museum also has an IMAX theater where you can enjoy fabulous presentations on various subjects.

Bottom line is that there is a lot to do when you go to the Museum of Civilization.  It’s a great place to learn more about Canada, to let the kids loose in the Children’s Museum and to enjoy family time.

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