George Jones RV – RV Today

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March 3, 2009

In this clip form “RV Today” Stew Oleson and crew take you inside country star George Jones’ traveling RV. George Jones himself gives the tour of his 2003 luxury coach showing Stew his home away from home.

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  1. Carries a lot of extra weight with all of the mirrors and marble. Wonder what his fuel useage is.

  2. RaewynS

    Nice but check out this coach supercedes this rig

  3. GlenO

    Nice rig for sure. No mention of actual brand name. No doubt been customized also.

  4. Tom Bondy

    George Jones rocks,probably one of the best c&w singers I have ever heard..too bad he does not come to Canada often….

  5. Nice rig but as far as country music goes, if they ain’t dead I don’t listen to them except for ol’ no show Jones and the Hag.

  6. Jack Trimmier

    I wish that this type of website was useful to us dialup types.