Houma GeoTour at Geocaching

Tired of the same old road trip? Looking for some way to get the whole family outdoors and involved? The Houma area has you covered with a high tech treasure hunting game, Geocaching.

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor adventure that is happening all the time, all around the world. To play, participants use the Geocaching app and/or a GPS device to navigate to cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. Geocaches come in all different shapes, sizes, and difficulties and are hidden in both rural and urban settings, so geocaching offers something for everyone, from families with children to retirees. Some geocachers play the game to see how many total “finds” they can get, while others play to see how many new states or countries they can visit. Geocaching is a great way to find remarkable destinations that you would not have otherwise discovered. It is also an excellent education tool and an excuse to get off the couch.

Geo Coin - Geocaching in Houma, LaGo play. To get started, create a free basic account and use Geocaching.com or the free Geocaching app. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, the Geocaching app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox.

Once you find a geocache, open it up and sign the logbook. You may discover some trade or SWAG items (small toys, keychains, trinkets) inside the geocache. The general rule of thumb is if you take something, leave something of equal or greater value. Then, place the container back exactly how you found it and share your experience online with the rest of the geocaching community.

Cache Houma. The Houma Travel has partnered with Geocaching.com to create an official GeoTour. This carefully planned string of 25 caches takes geocachers on a unique tour of Louisiana’s Bayou Country. From historic homes to nature preserves, the participants in the Houma Travel GeoTour are well on their way to becoming an honorary Cajun by the time the tour is complete.

To participate, visit GeoHouma.com. There you will find helpful links to setting up your Geocaching account if you are not already registered, frequently asked questions regarding the tour and your official Houma Travel GeoTour game board. Be sure to download this board and take it with you, or pick up a copy at the Houma Area Visitors Center, as you will need it to complete the tour.

With game board in hand, access the Houma Travel GeoTour on Geocaching.com. There you will find the coordinates to all 25 caches hidden in Louisiana’s Bayou Country. Choose your first destination, navigate to the location and search for the cache. Inside of each cache are stickers or key words to place on your game board to prove you have found it. Once you collect at least 20, return your game board to the Houma Area Visitors Center for the collectable Houma Travel GeoCoin.

Come on Down, Y’all. If your family is looking for an exciting outdoor adventure, the Houma Travel GeoTour is your perfect match.

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