Find the Right Fan

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July 10, 2012

Over the years, we’ve read articles where people replaced kitchen-fan blades with blades that were much quieter. However, the writers don’t specify where they obtained the blades. We recently tried to replace both our trailer and house kitchen-fan blades. However, we couldn’t find the correct-size blades for each fan. We tried two camping-supply stores, plus RadioShack and an electrical repair store.

We need a 7-inch and a 6-inch fan blade. Do you know where we can find them?

James A. Bittner, Hedgesville, West Virginia

BOB:You should be able to get a replacement fan from your dealer as long as your RV was built in the mid-’80s or later. Unfortunately, there are many variables when it comes to matching fan blades. But your dealer should be able to get a direct replacement from the manufacturer of your rig.

If you have no luck locating the fan, you may have to consider retrofitting the range hood with a new motor and fan assembly. You may have to go in that direction anyway, if finding a quieter fan is important to you.

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