Blog vs Trip Journal: the Difference. Part 1 – Mapping

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February 26, 2008

I’m often asked on the difference between a blog and a Trip Journal. This came up recently in a reader’s comment here. I’ll address the differences today and in some future postings.

Today , I’ll focus on mapping. Each of your travel maps is a picture that paints a thousand words. I’ll start with a typical Trip Journal homepage “default” map. This is the first map you come to when you come to the Wisemans’ Trip Journal, “Mexico Bound – Winter 2007“. Note how the daily entries to the right correspond to the numbers on the map:

Wisemans USA to Mexico
Wisemans USA to Mexico

Now click on the Yucatan link below the map, and you’ll see this snapshot of the Wisemans’ visit to the Peninsula:

Wisemans Hit the Yucatan
Wisemans Hit the Yucatan

Finally here is the Wisemans’ Travel Homepage. To the right are links to all 11 of their Trip Journals. You can click on the green lines or the links to the right to go directly into the daily journal entries:

Wisemans’ “Travel Homepage”

Dan Parlow

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  3. Thanks for your various comments.

    RSS feeds for well-traveled locations throughout N. America and the world – are just being load-tested now. Stay tuned!
    You can also request an email feed for any individual Trip Journal that you’d like to follow – just click Request Update Notice. Travelers have the say as to whether they want to send Update Notices out to the public.

    Kallie, please take our 5-minute tour at , this should clarify how it fits together. We are constantly working to enhance useability, so after you take the tour, if you have any specific suggestions please email [email protected] and we’ll definitely take them into account!


  4. Kallie

    I went to a class at a Rally and have spent some time, not a lot, playing with the Trip Journal and find it very un-intutive so that if you don’t use it every day it is difficult to remember the order ot entering info in different areas. Any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the plug for our travel website (your example in the blog entry). We’ve had a great time creating it and updating it regularly as we travel to all parts of he world. We appreciate MyTripJournals constant effort to provide the best user experience. New features are added regularly as a result of listening to user comments so we can heartily recommend this site to anyone interesting in keeping track of their travels and sharing with the community.


  6. I love the mapping feature of Trip Journal but sure wish there was an RSS feed for them. I have several folks who use it and since I use Google Reader to follow over 100 blogs, those folks using the Trip Journal sort of get lost in the cracks. Sigh…