Are RVers extroverts or introverts? Take the test to find out which you are.

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August 31, 2013

By Bob Difley

extrovert_or_introvertI wrote the following post about a year and a half ago and it received numerous interesting comments. I thought I might post it again for those that missed it the first time around. So here it is:

The subject of introvert or extrovert came up at a recent family gathering and elicited quite a lively debate over the subject. One of our group, a novelist, claimed to be an introvert, yet conducts many speaking engagements at book readings at bookstores around the country,  gives interviews to radio, TV, and newspaper reporters, and often speaks at library events that draw dozens of fans.

A lot of definitions of introverts describe them as being anywhere from terrified to uncomfortable at meeting new people, speaking before a group,  and tend to direct thoughts and feelings inward. Extroverts are the partiers, life-of-the-party types, stand-up comics, and politicians.

Funny thing is, I always thought of myself as an extrovert, yet find that as I grow older I am more comfortable with myself, boondocking rather than staying in a busy campground, and would rather read or take a hike than walk the campground looking for conversation, or attend a cocktail party–all traits of an introvert.

Yet, at the same time, I am comfortable teaching seminars and classes, meeting new people, and am not afraid to engage strangers in lively discussions–all traits of an extrovert.

I’m looking forward to reading Susan Cain’s new book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (NOTE: I have now read Susan’s book and found it an enjoyable, revealing, and interesting read.) And I found a test online that supposedly  shows whether you are an introvert or extrovert.  I tested “Balanced,” with a score of 10 versus 10.9 average for all test takers (over 125,000 have taken the test) meaning in testing for extrovertedness, 56% scored higher and 34%  lower.

I would bet that whether you test out as an introvert or extrovert, the result probably determines what type of RVing you do.  For instance, if you like busy campgrounds, participate in historic reenactments, host at a campground, love potlucks, and attend rallies, you are likely an extrovert. However, if you enjoy boondocking, hiking in remote areas, and would rather read or watch wildlife, you are likely and introvert. You can find out for yourself by taking the Introvert vs. Extrovert test in the following link. Comment on the results and let’s compare what we RVers really are.

The Introvert-Extrovert Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @'s User Tests!

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