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July 10, 2012

Another Compressor
I just read the question and your answer about a good air compressor in the May issue of Highways magazine. You advised Doug on the Viair 400P 12-volt DC compressor. I’d just like to mention the Senco Model 1010 120-volt AC air compressor.

If someone is interested in a lightweight 120-volt AC compressor with a maximum 125 psi, I can recommend this one. It weighs about 20 pounds, cuts in at 95 psi and cuts out at 125 psi. This product has a number of features, including a one-gallon tank, and it costs approximately $150.
John C. Henderson
Tucson, Arizona

Bob: Thanks for the recommendation, John. I suggested the Viair because it works very well, takes up little space and does not require 120-volt AC power. There are a number of good 120-volt AC compressors on the market. If you have the room and a source of AC power, then many of these compressors will do the job and provide the versatility of an attached air tank, which allows you to use some power tools as well.

Wes Caughlan, the author of the popular Coach and Chassis column in our sister publication, MotorHome, found a one-horsepower compressor at Sears (number 009153100000) that provides maximum pressure of 125 psi with a 50 percent duty cycle. That means the compressor can run for 30 minutes in any one hour without overheating. It has a three-gallon tank and is reasonably compact. It sells regularly for $125, but sometimes it is on sale for $100.

Before you settle on an AC compressor, check out the Viair Constant Duty Onboard Air System (number 10007). This is a system that can be installed in your rig and includes a two-gallon air tank. This compressor is rated up to 150 psi with a 100 percent duty cycle (

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