RV turkey cooking

RV turkey cooking — thanksgiving on the go.

Preparing a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner in an RV is easier than you might imagine. Most will find that a little planning ahead for needed cooking requirements, proper scheduling of preparation and selective shopping will ensure the perfect meal.

First, evaluate what you have to work with for cooking the turkey and other accompaniments. For a turkey, I’ve found potential in my RV gas oven, the convection microwave oven, a multi-function pressure cooker or a slow cooker pot, depending on what my vehicle possessed or I had on board. Plan ahead! These also will determine the size or portion of the bird you can realistically handle. Obviously, for the gas oven, the size of its interior will determine the size of a whole bird you might choose. The remainder of the cooking options above may limit you to a turkey breast. Any of these will yield a delicious result if you follow the manufacturer’s cooking recommendations and your recipe suggestions.

RV Turkey Cooking — Counter Space

RV turkey cooking

To work with the small counter space found in most RVs, prepare a few side dishes such as stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade cranberry sauce or butternut squash the day before, refrigerate and then reheat in your microwave the day of your meal. For ease of prep, wash, slice or dice, and store (in separate plastic bags) each of your salad fixings the day before. Consider buying a jar or two of turkey gravy, store-bought rolls, and your choice of pie rather than preparing your own. Prepare the appropriate amount of each food you and your guests will likely consume on the day of your meal to minimize storing left-over food. If preparing a particular item seems daunting, check out the grocery store deli section. Some of these items (including roasted turkey) are usually available in whatever quantity you require.

Putting It All Together

On the day of your meal, cook the turkey, then warm-up the sides, toss the salad and try serving everything buffet style along the counters to maximize space at your table. Pour a beverage, sit back and enjoy! You created a traditional dinner, and even better — great memories.

Chris Mays

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  1. Anonymous

    All great tips. We carry an Oster electric smoker/roaster in our RV. We have smoked a 15 pound turkey in it with great success. It is also handy as an outdoor oven for a variety of means for those times when you need more space or don’t want to heat up the RV!