RV Tech Tips: Dirty Water Down the Drain

rv tech tips dirty water

RV Tech Tips — dirty water down the drain.

When cleaning and treating our RV’s roof, I work on 3-foot-square sections at a time. To be able to rinse the wash pads with a freshwater hose while keeping the sides of the motorhome clean from dirty water (which can leave behind streaks), I put together a wash tub with a drain hose over the side to bring the dirty water down to ground level.

I drilled a hole near the bottom of one side of a plastic tub and applied silicone caulk on a 3⁄4-inch male hose thread (MHT) by 1⁄2-inch MPT garden hose adapter held together with a 1⁄2-inch galvanized hex lock nut. After the silicone dried, I attached the garden drain hose. Just be sure to secure the freshwater hose so it stays on the roof.

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Joe Miklosi, Livingston, Texas

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  1. Anonymous

    I love that idea and plan on making my own. It’s such a hassle when washing a roof. Thank you for the idea.