RV Organization and Storage Tips

Drawer inserts can tame the clutter. RV organization and storage tips

RV organization and storage tips to avoid clutter.

From my experiences of three years living on a sailboat and 17 years in a motorhome, I’ve learned a lot about how to stow my stuff. And the bottom line is organization. Plastic containers and bins are your friends, and carefully selecting rectangular containers (clear so you can see what is inside) with flat lids (so you can stack them) that fit as tightly as possible in your storage compartments will reduce wasted space. 

An effective tool for a fading memory (no, you won’t remember where everything is) is to tape a paper label of the contents on the outside of each container. Group things in each bin by category, such as engine parts, sealants and tape, coach replacement parts, BBQ accessories, outside toys and games, etc. You will be able to see, just by scanning the storage compartment, which container holds what you are looking for.

Organize interior cabinets in the same way with smaller containers for bulk food storage, like snacks, cereals, pasta, rice, etc. Fit them snugly in the locker for space efficiency and to keep them from flying about when driving. Use one container for smaller quantities kept in zip-top bags. 

RV Organization and Storage Tips: Solutions

Here are a few of the ways to minimize clutter:

• Additional shelves in cabinets to avoid wasting vertical space 

• Use cut-down six-pack carriers to corral glass bottles and jars 

• Mount a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door 

• Furnish your galley with pots and pans with removable handles. These should nest and store easily

• Use spring-loaded bars to keep reefer items in place while traveling

• Look for drawer inserts at kitchen or dollar stores to keep items organized

RV Organization and Storage Tips: Keeping Track

I keep a Word.doc file on my computer (you could use a notebook instead) that lists everything in my motorhome and where it lives. I don’t bother listing the stuff in my galley/kitchen lockers, which you can easily see. 

Itemize everything alphabetically (your “sort” feature in Word or Excel will alphabetize the list for you) in one column and its location in a second column. I identify the outside lockers as L1, L2, etc. and C1, C2, for inside cabinets). When looking for a particular item, I just look at my list and it tells me right where it is. Any item identity that could be confusing, such as “wrench” or “pipe wrench” I enter both names alphabetically. Though it takes a bit of time to set up initially, maintaining the list is easy, and the time it saves you from hauling out bin after bin looking for something will be worth it.  

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  1. Most help articles on the web are inaccurate or inerhcoent. Not this!

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    we are just starting to travel full time in our fifth wheel and I am having a difficult time organizing everything in a way I can find things. thanks for the helpful hints.