4 Tail-Wagging Tips for Hiking with Dogs

Photo: Pixabay hiking with dogs

Hiking with dogs is a payoff cherished by many RVers after a long road trip. Watching your best pal fetch, return and obediently walk alongside you on the trail is the ultimate sign of loyalty and dedication. The more you hike together, the better it gets By following these quick tips for hiking with dogs you’ll create a lifetime of unforgettable trail memories.

Tip #1: Leave No Leash Behind

Even if your off-leash dog is well-trained, uncontrollable chaos is sure to happen if a leashed dog or wild creature comes your way. An off-leash dog presents a threat to the other tethered pooch, which will see your roaming pet as a threat that must be controlled. The result is barking, lunging and inevitable clashes that can destroy the tranquility you were after. To protect your dog from harm and keep peace with passing hikers, only use a sturdy non-retractable flat leash for better control in passing situations.

Tip #2: Be Prepared for Anything

Don’t leave your RV without the right dog hiking supplies. You’ll need a flat leash, portable water dish, waste disposal bags and a portable pet first aid kit that includes canine-appropriate supplies like vet wrap bandages, tick removal tools, pet-friendly antiseptic wipes and other first-aid provisions for unexpected emergencies. You may not ever need to use it but if so, you’ll be glad you’re prepared.

hiking with dogs

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Tip #3: Stick Close and Stay Clear of Disease

From Weimaraners to wiener dogs, all have the heart and soul of a wild animal. Place any pooch in front of temptations like squirrels, wild rabbits or even bears, and that dog will turn into an opportunistic, prey-driven beast who will stop at nothing defend you from a wild creature’s threat. If your dog makes contact with wildlife, you are both at immediate risk of contracting any number of wildlife-related diseases like rabies and leptospirosis. Keep a careful watch when out in the wild.

Tip #4: Preserve the Planet, Pack Out the Poop

Leaving pet poop on the trail seems like a harmless thing to do, but the reality is that your dog’s fecal matter damages the wild. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, just one gram of dog poop can contain up to 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. When you consider all the dogs who hike just like yours does, stray dog poop takes a major toll on the environment. To preserve your favorite wild places, always pack out dog poop.

Being together in nature brings out the best aspects of our bond with dogs. When you’re prepared and polite on the trail, it also brings out the best in other campers too. Abide by common sense and courtesy and together, we can all create great memories that last a lifetime.

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