3 Good Sam Parks Win Arizona ‘Park of the Year’ Honors

good sam parks win arizona

Good Sam Parks win Arizona honors.

Three Good Sam Parks won Park of the Year honors from the Arizona Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. Butterfield RV Resort in Benson, Black Rock RV Village in Brenda and J & H RV Park in Flagstaff were recognized for delivering extraordinary guest experiences as a result of all-around excellence in operations, professionalism, marketing, customer service and industry involvement.

Butterfield Shoots for the Stars

good sam parks win arizonaWinning in the medium-size park category, Butterfield RV Resort and Observatory dazzles customers with outstanding guest experiences and views to the stars. While the park caters to snowbirds in the wintertime, it also serves as a base camp for families bound for Kartchner Caverns State Park, Tombstone and Bisbee, all of which are in close proximity. Special events are scheduled in Tombstone and Bisbee throughout the summer and fall.

Butterfield Resort is also unique in that it has an onsite astronomical observatory with a 16-inch Meade University Grade telescope and nightly star talks, courtesy of Ken Klein, an amateur astronomer and self-proclaimed “astronerd” who moved to the resort five years ago.

Black Rock Keeps Guests Active

good sam parks win arizonaHonored in the large park category, Black Rock RV Village engages guests with a slew of fun activities. Manager Lisa Wong said the park is already working on its activity program for next winter, which will likely include guided ATV rides as well as cooking demonstrations by the park’s chef. The park also plans to offer outside seating this fall at its 150-seat restaurant. Last winter, Black Rock RV Village distinguished itself by offering lots of unique activities for women. In addition to offering quilting and sewing, the park offers “Desert Golf” during the winter and spring.

J & H Gives Customers a Helping Hand

good sam parks win arizona

Image: Jeff Crider

Recognized in the small park category, J & H RV Park recently updated the electrical utility connections to accommodate today’s largest RVs. They also replaced several aging walkways and made their restrooms ADA complaint.

Four years ago, J & H RV Park also became one of the first RV parks in the nation to ban smoking. Always interested in his guests’ safety, park co-owner Harvey Mickelson also offers to park their rigs if they think they could use the assistance. But he has a sense of humor about it, too. A sign on the door of J & H RV Park describes the service as follows: “Marriage Saving Valet RV Parking Available: Inquire Within.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the J & H RV Park chuckle. When my wife was alive we found it best for me not to yell and embarrass me and for her not to remind me that my driving skills were not perfect. After many years of RVing, my driving skills improved so I can continue to use our RV without her assistance. She was very good at helping me learn and improve myself.

  2. Anonymous

    We found J&H to be a very friendly park, with great guests, and hospitable hosts. We had hoped to be there again this year, but our plans did not jell. Hopefully, 2018 we will return.

  3. Anonymous

    J&H is a host-friendly, guest-friendly park. The get-togethers are fun and inviting. The park itself is small and quiet – with a great location in northern Arizona, close to all the attractions. Love it and hope to return in 2018.

  4. Anonymous

    Can’t wait to return – hope we can make it in 2018. The hosts are friendly and helpful, the guests are the best – the park itself is quiet and comfortable, and close to all the attractions in northern Arizona. We loved our time there and look forward to returning.