3 Helpful Habits of Successful Workampers

In my previous post about workamping, I discussed how this beneficial arrangement can save you money on rent. Today, you’ll learn how to find your ideal workamping job by practicing three helpful habits of successful workampers.

Habit #1: Know Your Strengths, Weaknesses and Goals

The biggest mistake novice workampers make is taking jobs that don’t match their personality and background. For instance, if you’ve always worked at large organizations and thrive within a rigid job description, then don’t accept a job with a mom and pop business that lacks written workamper guidelines. The same holds true if you’ve never worked for a large employer. Many of us have tolerated jobs we hated because the money was good, but since workamping job doesn’t pay as good, it’s best to work in situations that feel natural to you.

Habit #2: Learn All About the Job Before You Apply

My husband and I forgot to ask about our campsite when we accepted our first workamping job. When we arrived, the farmer pointed to a muddy spot behind the barn, with a PVC pipe septic hookup, extension cord and garden hose. Oops! Good thing we enjoyed the work. Now we always ask things like:

  • how many hours we’ll be expected to work and when
  • what amenities and perks are included, if any
  • what our campsite looks like
  • who our teammates will be, if any
  • and our start / finish dates

Habit #3: Don’t Burn Bridges

There are workamping jobs for everyone out there and although the competition appears to be fierce, the truth is that good workampers are a rare commodity and employers know it. If you find a workamping job that you enjoy, always end on a good note. Don’t ever badmouth an employer you didn’t like, because the world of workamping is much smaller than it appears and people talk.

Finding good workamping jobs isn’t as mysterious as it seems. Keeping them is another matter. Just use common sense, talk to other workampers and watch your confidence and happiness grow with each new workamping adventure.

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