Wildlife Tracking With a Smart Phone



If viewing wildlife in their natural surroundings is part of your RV lifestyle, you know how hard it can be sometimes to identify partial tracks, or other signs. But with the wonderful new aids modern technology has brought us, you can use information in your smartphone (that you always have with you, right?) to alert you when a bear, deer, raccoon, or heffalump has passed by.

Nature apps for smartphones offer an enormous amount of information on local wildlife, not just tracking information but also what they eat, how to recognize their table scraps, identify resting places and trail signs, dens, nests and more about the animal’s habits. The apps include features like actual photos, gait illustrations, range map, fore and hind foot illustrations, track measurements, sound files, tracking tips, and more.

MyNature Animal Tracks is a comprehensive field guide to animal track identification utilizing advanced smart phone technology. The app also enables you to upload notes and sightings to your own Nature Journal on the MyNature website.

Using the guide is logical and easy. For instance, when trying to identify a track, you first pick the number of toes and that takes you to all animals with that same number. If you can see claw marks at the end of toes, a click will show you all the animals that show claws. Follow the steps to the actual animal you have encountered. And it’s completely self contained, no need for a wireless connection once downloaded.

iTrack Wildlife goes far beyond what a traditional field guide can offer with powerful search tools that make track identification easier than ever before. Simply select basic characteristics of a track you want to identify and you will quickly narrow down your search to just a few similar tracks. Then, browse through the photos until you find your track.

iTrack Wildlife Pro was created by a professional wildlife biologist. This simple and intuitive design makes the app accessible to novices, but the wealth of accurate information and powerful search tools will also appeal to experts and professionals. Includes Track and sign info for 67 common mammals of North America, over 700 high quality track, sign, and animal photos with detailed captions, and the Wikipedia page for each species is stored in the app for viewing with no internet connection!

Wildlife Tracker in the Microsoft Store is a free app and winner of the “Most Innovative App” in MTN App of the Year Awards in 2014. This simple, easy to use application helps visitors of game reserves discover, share and record wildlife sightings around them.

You will be amazed at the wealth of information packed into these easy to use apps. Just download one or more and you can start tracking on your next hike.

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