s-mores-2S’mores – the yummy combination of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers that make up the camping favorite! For some, camping is synonymous with making and eating s’mores. In fact, many families won’t go camping without first ensuring they have all the ingredients to make this deliciously sticky dessert.

While it is one of the messiest things you can make and eat while camping, it is a must for most campers, especially kids. Making s’mores is typically how we end the day while camping with our kids. We start the camp fire as it gets dark and pull out the extendable marshmallow roasting sticks.

Then we let the kids go to work.  Some of us like our marshmallows lightly roasted while others allow their marshmallows to catch fire. Ideally, I like mine a bit crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.  Once the marshmallow is ready, we sandwich it between two pieces of graham cracker, complete with our favorite chocolate bar melted up against the marshmallow.  The idea is that the marshmallow melts the chocolate to make a yummy, crunchy gooey sandwich.

marshThe key to minimizing the mess (especially with kids), is to make sure you pack some baby wipes, as these come in handy with cleaning off the sticky mess that inevitably comes with making and eating s’mores!

Some Fun S’mores Variations–

  • Use the graham crackers covered in cinnamon sugar instead of the plain ones
  • Use Reese’s Pieces patties instead of the more traditional Hershey’s bar
  • Buy a pre-made s’mores kit (comes with everything you need to make s’mores)
  • Wrap your finished s’more in foil for a few minutes (to allow the chocolate to really melt), prior to eating
  • Toast the graham crackers with chocolate on top, to begin the melting process, while roasting marshmallow

Enjoy your s’mores this summer while Camping!

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  1. We never thought of using Reese's Pieces instead of a Hershey bar for s'mores while camping. Whoa! The possibilities are endless!!