Bath & Kitchen Checklist

Bath & Kitchen Checklist

Next time you’re planning for a trip, use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to stock your kitchen and bathroom—two of the biggest culprits when it comes to important forgotten items.

Some of the pain points and extra costs associated with camping trips come from forgetting everyday items at home. Toiletry, bathroom, and kitchen items like ingredients and utensils are some of the most commonly forgotten. Before your next trip, take stock of your RV and run through his bath and kitchen checklist (or create your own) to ensure you don’t leave any of these important items behind.

Bathroom Checklist

Run through this list before every trip, especially if you’re traveling with several people or with guests because you never know what’s going to get used up over the course of a weekend or week-long trip. These items are important for both hygiene and cleanliness as well as injury in some cases. While certain items on this bathroom checklist will also be found in your first-aid kit, you never want to be left searching for something like antiseptic in the case of a cut or potential infection.

Kitchen Checklist

It’s not a bad idea to keep two kitchen checklists. One will be your basic, all-purpose checklist—as seen below—which will include items you will likely need every trip. These are your mainstays. On top of this, you should create an additional checklist that covers meals when you’re camping. That will make grocery shopping and meal planning far easier and will reduce the likelihood of forgetting something important.

Lastly, you may want to create yet another list for kitchen cleaning. A kitchen cleaning checklist will help you stay on top of cleaning supplies and chores, like cleaning the microwave, which can slowly become a big project if you don’t keep up with the usage.