Casino Camping – What are Casinos Doing to Attract You?

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July 12, 2008

With gas prices up and worries about the economy casinos are hurting for business.  This sometimes creates a good climate for the player.  Marketing and promotions have always been important to casinos but even more so now.  Since we’re fully into the summer, and most RVers have been out for at least one trip, it seems like a good time to ask you what you’re seeing out there across the country.  What are casinos doing to get your business?

Where is the free gas?

Where around the country have you seen free gas used as an incentive to visit a casino?  Tell us the details; is it a gas card give away, or a discount or points-for-gas at the casino owned station, or other scenario.  The casino gas station in the photo is Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA.  Last we heard you could redeem your slot club points for gas there.  Thanks to our website reader T. J. for this photo.  Where have you found fuel bargains?

Any amazing offers you’ve received?

What casinos have offered you more than ever before to visit them.   We’ve received some amazing offers in the mail from some places.  For example, Hollywood casino in south Mississippi doubled our previous offers for free nights in the RV park, buffets, and free rounds of golf.  Plus, their free play offer has been several times more than in the past.  What has been your experience?

How about overnight RV parking and camping?

Are you aware of any casinos that have become more accommodating to overnight RV parking to gain our business?  Where have you received increased comps for nights in casino RV parks?  Some of you may be like me, and enjoy talking with casino personnel about what they’re doing or planning, share what you’ve learned with us.

Any places where you’ve seen the opposite?

Most casinos are loosening up on promotions and comps to get you in the door.  Have you seen any that are tightening their belts and giving less?  I’m going to guess that casinos without local competition may be tempted to do this, or at least to try!  What have you seen?

Post a comment below, or here’s a link to a thread on the Open Road’s Forum so we can talk about it.

Happy travels, and good luck in the casinos,


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  1. Thanks for the info Pat. I like casinos that give you flexibility with comp dollars, gas is always good, and groceries works for me too! Often we have more comps than we can use if limited to food and beverage, and I refuse to over-spend just to use them up.

    We’re at Boomtown in Verdi, NV now. They do still allow you to convert comp $ to gas at their station, but it’s at 50% of value now.

  2. Pat & Craig

    Oh – one other I forgot – the Pahrump Nugget allows you to use comps for gas or groceries at the Smith’s grocery store and gas station next door to the casino.


  3. Pat & Craig

    Hi Mac,

    While we were in Las Vegas recently, we played mostly downtown, but I went to the Mirage once and put $40 in a video poker machine. Seemed like no big deal to me, especially for a Strip resort, so I was stunned when I got an email thanking me for my play, and talking about their new “Holiday Points” promotion. (I didn’t read the details, since I rarely play there).

    We’ve also been to the Prospector Hotel and Casino in Ely NV. They used to have a five day limit in their RV park, but have changed that to unimited stays.

    The Saddle West casino in Pahrump NV advertises that it takes 2200 points to get an RV space comped for a night. However, they’ll also comp it if you earn 1000 points in a single day. (If you play enough, they comp the RV park without touching your points balance though).


  4. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for visiting and posting. I appreciate the info about new parking opportunities in Illinois and Indiana.

    A quick note to readers; Jane is the author of “CASINO CAMPING, the Guide To RV-Friendly Casinos in the U.S.” one of the two print references that I frequently recommend (see my July 4th post). I’m glad to hear it’s available at Camping World, that makes it very convenient. Don’t leave your home park without it! 🙂


  5. Jane K

    Hi Mac,

    From one casino fan to another, thanks for all the great information at this site. We can nevr get too many money-saving tips.

    Just wanted to let you know that the 3rd edition of CASINO CAMPING, the Guide To RV-Friendly Casinos in the U.S., is now available at all Camping World stores. State-by-state listings with maps and directions. It’s a good resource to have in the RV. If it helps to save just one night’s camping fee, it’s worth the cost of the book! Look for it in the books section of Camping World next time you’re in one of their stores.

    Most casinos that have room in their lots are quite hospitable to RVers who want to dry camp overnight. Even the Empress Casino in Joliet, IL (that had always required RVs to pull into their RV Park and pay) has loosened up some. They are now allowing RVs to stay the night in the parking lot for free, if you don’t want to go into the RV Park. We saw a few there last time we went through.

    In Indiana, there are two new “racinos” that opened just last month. They are both located next to an interstate exit and welcome RVs to dry camp overnight, I had a note on them in the Casino RV Camping blog at the RV Travel site last month.