Casino Camping – How We Got Started and Other Questions

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July 4, 2008


Several people have emailed and asked me questions about how we started out, how we support our lifestyle, and so on. I thought I’d post answers to a few questions, along with a link to an article that tells a little more about us.

Q: How did you get started doing this?

I write a monthly column called Road Report for Midwest Gaming and Travel magazine.

Q: How do you support this lifestyle? Are you retired? Are you professional gamblers?

My wife Chris and I both still work, and we’re blessed to have jobs that are 100% portable. We can work and earn a living anywhere we can get on the Internet and use a cell phone.

No, we’re not professional gamblers, but we’re serious recreational players who try to wring the most value out of our entertainment budget, and our travel budget as well. For the RV side of this lifestyle we have saved many thousands of dollars over the years by dry camping, and by using the military RV park system. When it comes to casino camping, in addition to our own research we use these resources:

  • Jane Kenney’s excellent book Casino Camping, a Guide to RV Friendly Casinos available most everywhere RV related books are sold. I highly recommend it!
  • Steve Bourie’s American Casino Guide“. Although it’s not RV-specific Steve has the most comprehensive listing of casinos I’ve found in one place. The book includes some great coupons.

Q: Being in casinos so many days a year, don’t you lose a lot of money? How can you afford it?

We actually don’t lose as much as you might think, and some years we come out ahead. For 2007, we were down $64 at the end of the year including all gambling results (video poker, poker, and other games). This doesn’t count all the comps we earned, just the cash balance. This year as of today we’re down a lot more than that, but the year’s not over! In past years we’ve finished up quite a bit too.

We follow Jean Scott’s philosophies and try to be “frugal gamblers”. You may have noticed that I mentioned Jean before. She’s the author of several books on gambling, comps, and video poker.


I have an extra copy of Jean’s first book “The Frugal Gambler”. This is the second edition, updated and re-published in 2005. If you’ve never read it and would like to, I’ll send it to the first person who asks for it. Post in the comments saying you’d like to have it, and send me a private email or PM with your mailing address.

Happy travels, and good luck in the casinos,


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  2. Bob

    Hi Mac, received the book “The Frugal Gamber”. Sorry it took so long to get back to you and thank you. Thank you very much. We are full timer’s are just received are forwarded mail. Thanks again, it looks like a great book.

  3. Hi Stefan, sorry I just have two of that particular book.

  4. Stefan

    Sorry I thought it was a.m.

  5. Stefan

    12:57 don’t you people sleep. If you have another I would be happy to have it.

  6. Hey Bob and Fran, 12:57 for both of you, what are the odds of that huh? I may have one more spare copy of Jean’s book. Let me get snail-mail addresses from both of you and I’ll look for the other book this weekend email: [email protected]

    Ray, thanks for the kind words. We enjoy writing our personal blog, and for RV.NET, and maintaining the Casino Camper website. It’s always nice to know that people enjoy reading it all.

  7. Ray Ruff

    Hi Mac:
    I read the articles that you write and enjoy them very much. We are not full timers just part timers but enjoy reading and dreaming about the experiences of you and a few others. Keep the articles coming , we dont always get a chance to say thankyou. Even if we do get a lot of enjoyment from them. Thanx again . Ray Ruff

  8. elmosmommy

    awww bob and I have the exact same time for asking for it, but his name is above mine so he gets it , wtg bob

  9. elmosmommy

    I would love to have your book if you still have it. I will email you , just in case no one has gotten it. If it is gone then that is okay but thought I would try for it. thanks

  10. Bob

    Hi Mac, did you give away the book? If not please accept me as the lucky person. We enjoy you blog as well as many others.