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Welcome to Arizona

Welcome to the Sun Belt, land of snowbirds, scenery chasers and outdoor adventurers. Aside from sunny weather, Arizona is known for its stunning landscapes, sparkling cities and thrilling Old West history. As colorful as the flowers in the deserts, the Southwestern culture found in Arizona is a bright blend of Native American, Spanish and Mexican influences.

Small Brown and White Bird

State Bird: Cactus Wren. Getty Images

Iconic Canyon and More

The great outdoors aren’t just great in Arizona, they’re grand, thanks to the state’s top attraction, the Grand Canyon. Whether you prefer to peer down into the mile-deep canyon depths from the rim or take an unbelievable journey down the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park offers adventures like no other.

High-level Town

For a completely different experience from these sunny, arid cities, head to Flagstaff, which sits at an elevation of 7,000 feet about 140 miles north of Phoenix. Green pine trees are a departure from the cacti found elsewhere in Arizona. Just south of Flagstaff, Sedona sits amid red rock formations that boggle the mind. Spend the day riding a bike around these geological marvels, then relax the night away at a five-star restaurant.

Gems in the Desert

Visitors flock to Phoenix, Arizona’s largest city, to experience its vibrant culture, to hit the links on one of the many championship golf courses or to explore the surrounding landscapes. In the state’s southeast corner, Tucson is a vibrant hub in the midst of the Sonoran Desert, offering both outdoor adventures and big-city experiences.

Native American Imprint

While not as notorious at Tombstone, mining towns like Oatman, Bisbee and Jerome offer glimpses into Arizona’s frontier history. Long before the cowboys of the Old West settled in the state, Arizona was home to diverse Native American tribes. This rich history can be explored at places like Montezuma Castle National Monument, Wupatki National Monument and Homolovi State Park.

Powell Perfection

Straddling the Utah border, Lake Powell seems like a mirage in the desert, with shimmering emerald waters bordered by rugged red hills. Whether you are boating, fishing or paddling, Lake Powell will challenge you with seemingly endless inlets and bays. In central Arizona, the Salt River hypnotically snakes its way through the Tonto National Forest wilderness.

Lake with Rocky Cliffs

Getty Images

Beautiful Buttes, Majestic Mesas

When you think of the Old West, the chances are that a specific backdrop with massive sandstone buttes amid a desolate desert comes to mind. If so, there’s a good chance you’re imagining Monument Valley. Dozens of classic films were filmed on this site along Arizona’s border with Utah. This border is also home to Horseshoe Bend and the Wave rock formation, two of the state’s most photographed sights.