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Meteor Crater/Winslow

Made famous by an Eagles song, Winslow, Arizona, is such a fine sight to see. Started as a railroad town, it still sees trains pass through, but its close proximity to Meteor Crater has made an impact as well. Pioneer John Lorenzo Hubbell built a trading post here and the Santa Fe Railroad, with the help of hotelier Fred Harvey, created one of the most outstanding railroad hotels in the nation, La Posada.

It Came From Outer Space

On top of the mountain looking at the meteor crater

Jimmy Conover

About 50,000 years ago, an immense asteroid slammed into the Earth in an area now known as northwest Arizona. Proof lies in the town of Winslow, where Meteor Crater welcomes visitors and skeptics alike to tour the big hole in the ground. The Meteor Crater Visitor Center is the place to start to learn more about the dynamic impact that left the stunning 550-foot-deep impression.

Meteoric Hit

When the California rock group the Eagles recorded “Take It Easy” in 1972, the town of Winslow was struggling financially as Interstate 40 bypassed it, diverting traffic. But when a group of townspeople realized that their city was mentioned in the hit tune, they created an ingenious marketing ploy: bring the song lyrics to life with Standin’ on the Corner Park. Legions of visitors now vie to take selfies with a statue of a young man clutching a guitar in front of a mural depicting “a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford.”

Floating Fun

A man with a hat on standing at the top of the meteor crater

Getty Images/iStockphoto

There’s not a lot of water to be found in the desert, but Clear Creek Reservoir lies just south of town, offering a cool, quiet respite from the hot sun. Locals ride their kayaks and canoes downstream to bask under the rising cliffs of the canyon or fish on a lazy afternoon.

Rail Travel

History buffs cherish the local railway ticket office and hotel, La Posada. With a big renovation effort, this diamond of the desert has risen to reclaim its 1930s grandeur. The mission-style hotel evokes an era when rail travel was an elegant adventure. Enjoy the stately art and Navajo design elements.

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