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Lake Havasu City

Built on the shores of a lake formed by Parker Dam on the Colorado River and surrounded by rugged, mountainous terrain, Lake Havasu City glistens in the Arizona sunshine. With its quirky attitude and seemingly endless party atmosphere, the town has become a mecca for tourists pursuing laid-back fun in the desert sun.

Bridging the Gap

A walkway leading out to Lake Havasu

Getty Images/iStockphoto

No visitor to Lake Havasu City can overlook the town’s main draw, the London Bridge. Purchased for almost $2.5 million in 1968 and reassembled here for nearly $7 million, it has become an Arizona curiosity, second only in popularity to the Grand Canyon. A tour of the structure will enlighten visitors to its various “war wounds” from WW II, and crossing it will lead guests to “Havasu Island.” Those who enjoy a shopping challenge will have no shortage of shops to explore here.

Havasu Speed

Situated on the city’s southeastern edge on Highway 95, Havasu 95 Speedway brings the excitement of stock car racing to this quarter-mile track. With scheduled races from September through April, fans can enjoy evening competition and avoid the summer heat.

Beacons in the Desert

A most unusual place for lighthouses, this landlocked lake in the Sonoran Desert hosts 25 distinctive beacons. Although miniature in size, each lighthouse is modeled to resemble a famous lighthouse from around the country. They’re all operational, designed to offer safer conditions on the lake for night boating and fishing.

Freshwater Fun

Jet ski riders compete in international competition in October on Lake Havasu

Robert Baker

The lake offers an amazing array of water sports opportunities like boating, water scootering, kayaking and paddleboarding. Bring your own or rent a boat, because there are several launch sites and boat-in beaches. Just don’t forget a picnic lunch and a fishing pole. In fact, anglers will love the waters here, with catfish, trout and bass tugging on lines. Spring break brings “floaters and boaters” to the lake, when college students from around the country try to break a self-imposed record of people floating in inner tubes, connected by holding arms.

Cool Your Jets

In October, Lake Havasu hosts the International Jet Ski World Finals, in which racers from 40 nations converge to see who’s fastest on the water. The event also features freestyle competition, which sees the racers put their jet skis through daring maneuvers.

Cycling Havasu, Hunting Rocks

The town is very bicycle friendly, with over 475 bike trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty to explore. Rockhounds will salivate at the thought of collecting jasper and chalcedony, chrysocolla and druzy quartz. Join meetups with other gem buffs.

Put Your Boots On!

Hiking in the surrounding Sonoran Desert can be a challenge in 100-degree summer temperatures, but during the cooler seasons, it’s a very popular pastime. Hikers can enjoy vistas from mountains or journeys along the lakeshore.

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