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Welcome to Ohio

At the crossroads between America’s northeast region and the Midwest, you’ll find Ohio. It’s no wonder it’s known as the “Heart of It All.” Whether you’re visiting one of the big cities — Cincinnati, Cleveland or Columbus — or exploring the rustic heartland of Amish Country, you’ll find lots of treasures in the Buckeye State. Lake Erie, on the northern border, and the Appalachian Mountains, in the south, provide resplendent natural backdrops for your journeys.

Midwestern Mountains and Rivers

The rollicking foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the lush landscapes of Wayne National Forest make southeastern Ohio a popular region for outdoor recreation. Put yourself in the scenery with a hike in Hocking Hills State Park, where you’ll find unique sandstone formations, picturesque waterfalls and abundant wildlife.


David Cloud

With natural areas interwoven through an urban environment, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is part of northern Ohio’s “emerald necklace.” The centerpiece is the Cuyahoga River, which has blossomed in recent years into clean recreation playground.

Wholesome Cities

Ohio’s capital city, Columbus, is also its largest. It continues to attract residents and visitors with its future-forward energy. Nowhere is this more apparent than downtown along the lush banks of the Scioto River.

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is Ohio’s second-largest city. Once known as the “Forest City,” the town is home to distinctive public parks and beautiful nature preserves. One of the state’s top attractions is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which enshrines musical pioneers from Hendrix to Hall and Oates in its dynamic Cleveland museum.


Crazy Roller Coasters

Every year, legions of visitors flock to Cedar Point, a rollicking amusement park that sits on the tip of a peninsula on Lake Erie’s southern shore. Starting with a dance hall and beer garden in 1870, this hot spot is now considered one of the nation’s best theme parks.

The Buckeye State’s dynamic history can’t be ignored. Ohio’s role in helping slaves reach safety before the Civil War is enshrined in the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. In Dayton, the Wright Brothers went from bicycle makers to aviation pioneers. Today, the town’s National Museum of the U.S. Air Force celebrates their legacy with key insights into the world of flight.