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Take a trip through New England at its finest from the historic town of Plainfield to the present-day capital of the state. In between you’ll find a great deal of history and homages to the United States in its early days. This quick journey will provide you with a deeper connection to the history and heritage of the country we call “home.”

1.   Plainfield

Starting Point • History, Nature

With over 300 years under its belt, the small town of Plainfield bursts with history. Bordered on the west side by Quinebaug River and Moosup River to the north, the incorporation of this town in the late 17th century could certainly prove to be strategic. In addition to the rivers, Plainfield marked the intersection of railways coming from four major cities: Hartford, New York, Boston and Providence. Be sure to take a drive down Old Canterbury Road to the March Route of Rochambeau’s Army historic site and make a stop in the historic district to get a feel for the way things were when the mills ran the show.

2.   Norwich

18.5 miles, 22 minutes • History, Nature, Museums

Dubbed one of the Prettiest Painted Places in America, Norwich truly wows with its Victorian style homes. A far cry from run-down, these homes are worthy of a picture or two. Take a walk through the town’s history as you peruse Chelsea, the historic downtown district. The nearby confluence of the Shetucket Thames, and Yantic Rivers is home to the city’s harbor, which once served as the shipping point for goods straight from England. Head north to the Slater Museum where you will get a peek into the art and history of far more than Norwich.

3.   Hartford

41.3 miles, 53 minutes • History, Museums, Industry, Education

Proudly the capital of the state of Connecticut, Hartford is also the capital of insurance company headquarters. Hartford’s history certainly is rich, and post-Civil War, the city was actually the richest city in the United States. Mark Twain put down his roots here and you can visit his home and museum where the author, a.k.a. Samuel Clemens, penned some of his most famous books. Grab your camera and go for a walk through Elizabeth Park, a stunning 100-plus-acre park full of a variety of trees and plants, as well as greenhouses, gardens, tennis courts and more.