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Drive 65.6 miles • 1 hour, 41 minutes

The Midland Trail Scenic Highway takes visitors through the rolling hills and rugged mountains of central West Virginia. Cross over river ravines and sparkling streams as you make your way from Fayetteville to White Sulfur Springs. The route was forged by settlers to cross from canals in the James River in Virginia to the navigable portion of the Kanawha River in West Virginia.




1. Fayetteville

Starting Point • Entertainment, Nature, Outdoor Recreation, Quirky

Can you imagine leaping off a bridge and hurtling through the air toward a river below? The thrill is prized by BASE jumpers, so named because these daredevils leap off of buildings, aerials, spans and earth (cliffs). The New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville is a popular spot for this extreme sport, and during the annual Bridge Day, visitors can observe hundreds of jumpers parachuting from this historic site. The pace is slower on other days of the year, allowing you to appreciate the natural beauty of the river valley as you cross this engineering wonder.


2. Rainelle

27.8 miles, 46 minutes • Entertainment, Nature, Outdoor Recreation

Tree-covered mountains flank this tiny town. You can relax and enjoy the scenery, or hit the trails to explore the woodlands. Bass and trout can be found in many of the waterways. The Meadow River that runs through town is a popular spot for extreme white water rafting, and the river lends its name to the Meadow River Festival, which features live regional bluegrass music. Pull up a chair and sit a spell as the old time music flows from the stage.


3. White Sulfur Springs

37.8 miles, 55 minutes • Entertainment, Entertainment, Food, History, Nature, Outdoor Recreation

White Sulfur Springs’s Greenbrier Resort has been welcoming visitors in grand fashion since 1778. Early visitors came for the mineral springs. Over time, the resort’s majesty became renowned. Today, you can explore the historic hotel and enjoy an interesting slate of activities. The resort is home to a Cold War bunker, a falconry program and a casino, as well as more traditional resort activities. After your visit, hit the Greenbrier River Trail and explore the natural side of White Sulfur Springs.