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Mount Eaton, Ohio
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Sandusky, Ohio


Ride thrilling coasters and savor homespun ice cream in a lakeshore mecca

Legions of tourists visit Sandusky every summer for its thrilling amusement parks and the fish-rich waters of Lake Erie. As the self-proclaimed largest freshwater fish market in the world, Sandusky takes full advantage of its Great Lakes connection in more ways than one.

Gateway to Commerce

Led by Cedar Point Amusement Park and other attractions, Sandusky’s population of 28,000 swells as eager visitors arrive for thrills and chills. Roller coaster lovers regularly make pilgrimages to the “roller coaster capital of the world,” which includes rides like the Blue Streak, Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Corkscrew. Psyche yourself up for the gnarliest ride: Valravn, the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world.


Lake Erie Shores and Islands

Scenic Serenity

Sandusky also offers some great outdoor alternatives to gravity-defying amusement park rides with a comparable adrenaline rush. Try whitewater rafting on the Sandusky River. Touring companies offer guided whitewater rafting tours in and/or near Sandusky.

Part of the Sandusky River is designated as a State Scenic River, and many areas along this 65-mile stretch (between Upper Sandusky and Fremont) are open to the public for recreational activities. These include rafting, kayaking, fishing and hunting.

Anglers can spend their time fishing on Lake Erie. Bring your own boat or take a charter trip to catch bass, walleye and more.


Lake Erie Shores and Islands

Island Time

A trip to nearby Kelleys Island is a must. The Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Lines put visitors face-to-face with landscapes carved by glaciers thousands of years ago. In addition, visitors to the island can kayak, sail, hike or bike while there.

A visit to Marblehead Lighthouse State Park should be on every visitor’s itinerary. The majestic structure rests on Marblehead Peninsula, a rocky headland of Columbus Limestone that juts into Lake Erie.

Ice Cream, Anyone?

Ready for a sugar break? Try cotton candy confetti, peanut butter pretzel or any of the flavors made exclusively by Toft’s Dairy, one of the oldest purveyors of sweets in Ohio and located right in Sandusky. The Toft’s Ice Cream Parlor draws locals and tourists to try its more than 70 flavors.

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