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    tire cover

    A new solution for tire covers

    I have a Class A coach that I keep in an outdoor storage yard with gravel and I’ve found that putting the wheel covers on my motorhome’s tires can be uncomfortable. To install the tire covers, I have to lean over the 22.5-inch wheels and drape the covers down over the tires, then get on my knees and secure the covers with bungee cords through the grommet holes. To make this task easier, I bought some galvanized chain, cut it into 6-inch lengths and attached it to each of the four grommet holes with a nylon wire tie. Now all I have to do is drop the wheel cover over the tire, shake the cover and it falls to the ground. This eliminates the need for bungee cords. The covers have never ever blown away and the removal is simple — just pull them off.

    Wayne Bradley, Atwater, California

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    1. Anonymous

      Thanks, I had one of four blow off during Matthew hurricane this year…found it a few weeks later. I am going too try this


    2. Anonymous

      Great tip

    3. Anonymous

      ???… And the weight of the chain holds it on?

    4. Anonymous

      Great idea.


    5. Anonymous

      Great idea….thanks.

    6. Anonymous

      Great idea…thanks.

    7. Anonymous

      Great Idea! Defiantly going to use this one.

    8. Anonymous

      Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?

    9. Anonymous

      Thank you, that sounds very easy!
      Love those tips.

    10. Anonymous

      Thank you!, I just yesterday installed tire covers on my PleasureWay class B van, and I gave up on the bungees. This a great alternative.

    11. Anonymous

      Good idea! Much easier than my two bricks per tire solution!