Tech Tips: Hose Close

To keep the RV’s cabinet doors closed in case the standard door-catches fail while on the road, we use a 6-inch length of 1⁄2-inch inside-diameter clear plastic hose (from the hardware store) and slip the hose between the handles.

Do not use black hose, as it will leave marks on the cabinets.

William Bouma, Wildwood, Illinois

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  1. Larry Skynar

    What we use is velcro strips I bought that is used to hold wire or other items that are rolled up. The strips are about 6″ long. if needed, I attach two together to get around two handles, if they are far apart.

  2. G Swanberg

    I use a strip of Velcro long enough to go around both handles and attaches to the other side. I use 1 1/2 to a 2 in wide Velcro to get a good grip on the other side.. But the above is also a good idea.

  3. Joan White

    Great Idea. I went to the Dollar Tree and got small dog collars that could be adjusted to the
    handles width then clipped when not in use.

  4. Catherine A. Mercer

    I use baby locks. Saves us a lot of grief if/when we have to stop suddenly.