RVing and Nascar

RV camping at NASCAR events

RV camping at NASCAR events

RVing and NASCAR racing go together like football and tailgate parties or RVs and Camping World. And for NASCAR racing, just like football games, you can stay home and watch the action on TV. But you would be missing something. In live theater, performers refer to that something as “the smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd.” It’s just not the same on TV.

Football games are not the same without the roar of the (live) crowd, and NASCAR is not the same without the roar of 800 horsepower monster cars circling the track at 200 miles per hour. Attending NASCAR events is a growing passion among RVers, who have worked out the logistics of how to skillfully maneuver their massive homes-on-wheels into a crowded stadium infield and set up camp.

What? Camping in the center of a NASCAR track? Several of the larger tracks provide a designated camping area in the track’s infield. Cart a couple of camp chairs and a cooler up to the roof and you will be treated with the best live action views this side of the press booth. How cool is that?

But before you jump in your RV and charge down to Alabama’s Talledega Superspeedway to see Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin duel it out on the big oval, there are some things it would be helpful to know.

Check the website for a NASCAR track near you for all the particulars regarding RV camping. This would include: how to make reservations; explanation of the different camping venues, such as inside the oval, on the outside perimeter of the track, or in non-view locations on track property; and availability of other campgrounds outside the track but nearby.

Rules for entering and leaving the track. A race weekend includes practice, qualifying races, and the final race
consuming three days (plus additional time for arrival and set up and departure). If you are camped inside the oval you may have to arrive on Thursday and not be able to leave until Monday when everybody else has vacated. However, you may be able to park a toad outside the oval.

Stock up on food and beverages. Some tracks may not have a supermarket, restaurants, and pharmacies nearby, making shopping impractical. You may also find the track food not up to your culinary preferences.

You can find all the information you need to know about camping at NASCAR tracks including links to the tracks that have camping on the infield or nearby starting on page 65 of your Good Sam RV Travel & Savings guide.

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