RV Tech Tip: Shine Off

rv tech tip shine

RV Tech Tip — Shine off the glare.

While standing at the kitchen counter in our trailer, the light above the sink would shine directly in our eyes. To solve this problem, I made a shade from a scrap piece of oak, finished it to match the cupboard and attached it using three screws to the bottom of the cupboard. Be sure to set the screws from above the light shade, through the bottom of the cabinet.

Bruce Trudgen, Williamsburg, Michigan

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  1. Anonymous

    I did something similar to ours but in a way that it is not visible. I fabricated a shield out of sheet metal flashing that screws onto the fixture and fits under, and inside of, of the clear plastic lens.

    Admittedly, the approach described above would be easier if you can match the wood color and trim lines

  2. Anonymous

    My husband did the same thing in our RV. Works like a charm!

  3. Anonymous

    Another easy option, is to place a narrow piece of aluminum foil on the inside of the lens with double stick tape. The reflective side towards the bulb also helps with light intensity where you want light instead of in your eyes.

  4. Anonymous

    That is very cleaver.