3 ways to Make Your RV a Cat-Friendly Home

RV pet care

RV pet care for cats — creating a feline-friendly travel environment.

People used to think cats can’t make good RVers, but modern pet parents are proving them wrong. Many folks often include their cats when they bring the entire family along on trips. If you’re thinking of trying RVing with feline companions, these three cat hacks can make life easier for you both.

1) Litterbox Hacks for RVing Cats

Your cat will appreciate the privacy when you hide the litterbox. RVs have lots of dead space that allow you to do just that. Depending on your RV type, consider hiding the box in the storage compartment adjacent to the interior stairs. An entrance can be cut near the RV entrance stairs, giving the cat access to a storage compartment/cat commode (see below). While you’re at it, skip the traditional cat litter, which gets tracked all over the RV. Try cedar pine cat litter instead.

RV pet care

Cat modification: Some RVers use the storage compartment adjacent to the RV stairs for a litterbox location. Photos: Cija Black

2) Carry a Portable Outdoor RV Cattery

Cats naturally love the outdoors, and this portable pet gazebo makes an excellent and safe enclosure for your kitty. You won’t need tools, and it even comes with a tote bag. The only thing that will make it better are interactive cat play toys to stimulate the mind and body. If you’re nervous about putting your cat outside, a self-adhesive RV window cat pod is another option.

3) RV Pet Care: Be Prepared with Cat Calming Aids

Most cats eventually learn to cope with RV movement. If yours seems anxious after a few attempts, consider all-natural cat calming supplements. As a last resort, ask your vet for an anti-anxiety prescription (for your cat, not you!).

Cats are more adaptable than we often think. With plenty of time, patience and practice, yours might learn to accept and even enjoy spending time with you wherever you roam.

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  1. Anonymous

    We live full-time in our RV and have our kitty, Kaylee with us. Her littler box goes in a lower cabinet under our desk area. It works perfect.
    Also, we don’t really agree with the outside cat area. We don’t want our kitty to WANT to be outside. That leads way to the chance that she may skip out at some time when we aren’t prepared. People should be careful if they get their cat too used to being able to be outside, they may skip out when you are in a remote location and you might not be able to catch them. Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous

    Our cat is an excellent traveler & loves to sleep under the table. We bring her bed!

  3. Anonymous

    We carry our three cats all the time. We had five cats and two (large) dogs until recently and they managed very well inside our 29ft Winnebago Brave. Just make sure (during travelling) that the dogs are either in their travelling cages or wearing harnesses and secured to 3/8″ ring bolts in the floor on short leashes. A 60lb dog takes some stopping if you have an accident. All our cats have their own carry boxes similarly secured. We obtained “Pet Passports” earlier this year and took all three cats for a trip to France (from the UK where we live). No problems! We find ours eat just as often but with much less quantity when we are away – maybe due to the reduced physical activity level? They get their appetites back as soon as we get home. They seem to revel in our closer company and, one might almost say, enjoy the trip.

    P.S. They are not allowed out! We had a cat-proof Safari Room made but the cats spurned it preferring to sit on the dashboard and watch the world go by (and enjoy the attention of their admirers!)

    Andy Owler, Winniebago Brave & Dethleff Esprit

  4. Anonymous

    how about dogs?
    You don’t even address dogs, even though you say, “Pets”

  5. Anonymous

    We have 3 cats and want to travel. in our RV and be able to take them with us. Should be interesting!