Vive Canada’s 150th in Montreal

RV Montreal

RV to Montreal, which showcases amazing sights for RV travelers. 

See our ongoing coverage of Canada’s 150th birthday in the following weeks.

Find old French charm and modern Canadian adventure in Montreal, Quebec. In this city of 1.7 million people, visitors will discover an endless array of restaurants, coffee houses and music clubs mingling with historic buildings and institutions.

Montreal is a great place to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. It just so happens that this anniversary coincides with Montreal’s 375th birthday! Check out the celebrations.

A City of Contrasts

Montreal seamlessly combines today’s urban living with yesterday’s French Canadian flair. Places like the Notre-Dame Basilica and sprawling Underground City have earned places on many visitors wish lists, but there are other attractions that are just as interesting:

RV Montreal• The Montreap Biosphere is a geodesic dome that contains a regulated ecosystem. Built in 1967 on the St. Lawrence River, the structure’s transparent, globe-like silhouette makes it a must-see for architectural buffs everywhere.

• Rent a canoe and paddle down historic Lachine Canal, where you can also cast a line for the day’s catch.

• View a quirky 100-year-old public washroom hidden among modern buildings along St. Francois-Xavier. Marvel at a series of rowhouses on Rue de Grand-Prie built to look like an Old West town, and climb a “secret” staircase on Chemin de la Cote-des-Neiges.

RV Montreal

Montreal’s Underground City.

• Marvel at architectural wonders like the Marche Bonsecours in Old Montreal, which is filled with local artisans and shops, and which hosts food fairs and art exhibits. Take in a summer concert at the Jacques-Cartier Pier and enjoy the sunset over the city.

• Travel to the Far East without leaving Quebec, and enjoy the character and charm of Montreal’s Chinatown. Festival days in Chinatown promise dragon dances, martial arts demonstrations and chess matches along the streets.

• Before you go, be sure to taste the dish that has become synonymous with Quebec: poutine. This cheesy, saucy french fry masterpiece is found at eateries throughout the city.

• Check out the diaphanous glass pains that form the walls of Palais des Congres, one of the most eye-catching architectural sites in the city.


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    It’s Montreal’s 375th birthday in 2017. The Jacques Cartier bridge will become a living lightshow starting May 17th and lasting all year. Las Vegas move over 🙂

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