Good day eh!

    Hello all family members!  I’m going to take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of your new bloggers.  My name is Ian, and I’ll be posting here regularly on the topic of safe driving.  I live in Saskatchewan, Canada — right smack in the middle of the Canadian Prairies.  I’m an eleven year police officer, and my job is doing Collision Reconstruction.

    I’ve been certified as an expert in criminal court, and had opportunities to be trained by the very best in my field, including Rusty Haight of the  Collision Safety Institute (, and the national training center for all of Canada’s Police Officer specialized training, the Canadian Police College, in Ottawa, Ontario.

    Before I was hired as a Police Officer, I studied Industrial Systems Engineering at a local University. 

    I have a passion for all things automotive, from muscle cars, to diesel trucks, to any sport that involves drivers pushing the envelope.  I enjoy FIA World Rally Championship racing, NASCAR, Indy, DAKAR, you name it.  I grew up around grease, wrenches, and oil.  My father had a GM dealership when I was a kid, and I was the type who hung around in the shop and asked the mechanics silly questions.

    I plan to provide you with practical advice on how you can avoid being a statistic, and even some tips to keep your vehicle in top shape.  I look forward to my participation in the blog, and can’t wait to get started!

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    1. Lug_Nut

      So. How’s she goin’. eh! Hi from another Canadian, eh. Best of luck to you.


    2. Randy

      Hi Ian,

      Welcome, I am a retired police officer of 21 yrs from the state of MN, and will be looking forward to your blog. There are so many things that could be written on this subject so I am sure you will enjoy the passing on your knowledge to the RVing community.


    3. Hey,
      What things do USers (we all live on North America, don’t we?) get tripped up on in Canada? Not the usual things same as in the US, but things that are different in Canada and maybe catch USers by surprise? (My speedometer has a KMH scale.)