RV Tech Tips: Custom Floor Protection

floor protection

Get customer floor protection with this handy tip.

Our new trailer had wall-to-wall carpeting, and we were forever tracking in dirt and getting the carpet at the entrance dirty.

I made a cardboard template of the entryway area. Then I bought a plastic floor mat — the type used over carpet to allow office chairs to move about — from an office-supply store. Using the template of the entrance area, I cut the plastic mat to custom-fit the space.

I then spray-painted the backside of the mat the approximate color of the carpet.

Editor’s Note: Be sure to allow the paint to dry fully before placing the mat on your carpet. Evaporating solvent from the paint could damage the carpet if the paint isn’t cured first.

Sam Malone, Marion, New York

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  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t that too slick if it gets wet?

  2. Anonymous

    How did you cut the plastic without it cracking?

  3. Anonymous

    I still find it amazing that manufacturers still put carpet in RVs near a door and under the driver’s feet. It’s a really bad design.

  4. Anonymous

    Why not just take up the carpet in that area and lay some vinyl flooring or even ceramic in that spot? It would seem to me that it would much easier and if you wanted you could put a small rug there to pick up the dirt and grime you bring in from outside also.

  5. Anonymous

    Why not just use a clear mat to allow the flooring to show through, quicker, easier, no chance for paint to ruin any of the flooring.

  6. Anonymous


  7. Anonymous

    Love this idea…redid our flooring and wanted a way to protect…found it.

  8. Anonymous

    If your camper has vinyl flooring in other areas on the same level you might find that there is vinyl under the carpet. I observed on a factory tour at the plane where my Laredo travel trailer is made that they actually cover the entire floor with vinyl, and then lay carpet down in the areas where they want carpet. Not sure if all manufacturers do that, but it is a super easy solution if you don’t want the carpet. In our case they made it so you come in on vinyl, and only get to carpet for the bedroom and living room so no tracking on carpet at all. Surprisingly smart design!

  9. Anonymous

    Absolutely a Great idea. Thanks!

  10. Anonymous

    Plastic mat on top of carpet at entry steps is a tripping hazard. Either remove / replace the carpet or take off your outdoor shoes at the entrance and have other shoes or slippers for indoor use only.