5 Fun Snowbird Tips

snowbird tips

Snowbird tips for the winter traveler.

Is another cold winter is in your future? If so, get on board with thousands of savvy RVers headed south to escape winter’s wrath. But don’t hit the road until you check out these five fun RV snowbird tips for a happier getaway.

1. Imagine your perfect destination.

RV parks reflect our personalities, lifestyles and budgets. Eastern RV parks offer a more urban experience and conveniences, while parks out west typically have more elbow room. Research before reserving to find your ideal spot.

2. Then get social and active.

Winter getaways are a chance to try activities you’ve been curious about. From line dancing to woodworking, pickle ball to rock hounding, you’ll never get bored at snowbird RV parks with jam-packed activity calendars.

3. Fire up the barbecue.

Even during the holidays, it can get too warm to cook a traditional meal in your RV kitchen. This is your chance to explore great holiday camping recipes so plan on outside festivities with grilled entrees and cold beverages.

snowbird tips

4. Be prepared for winter anyway.

Don’t be too disappointed if sweater weather happens once and a while. But even when your feet get chilly in flip flops, remember at least you’re warmer than your northern friends.

5. And know when to flee back north.

Be flexible on when you plan to return north. Sticking to hard and fast deadlines can make for a cold journey back home. Grab that perfect window of opportunity for a smoother transition back home.

Still unsure where to roam? Check out these popular Good Sam RV snowbird destinations.



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