Top 10 Ways To Save – by RVers for RVers

Our RV expert bloggers have chimed in and below are the Top 10 Ways to Save!

  1. Keep tires properly inflated. You can save up to 3% on fuel mileage.
  2. To get better mileage, (1) avoid driving with the water tank full (a gallon of water weighs about 8.2 pounds), and (2) drive at 55 miles per hour for gasoline engines or in the economy mode for diesel engines. The more weight the engine has to pull, the more fuel it uses.
  3. Volunteer or become a camp host, which usually comes with a free campsite.
  4. Outfit rig with solar panels, batteries and inverter to boondock for longer periods. After your initial investment, you can camp free or inexpensively on many public lands, particularly in the West.
  5. When you are plugged into shore power, use a small electric heater rather than your furnace.
  6. If you qualify for a National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands discount pass (Access Pass, or Senior Pass) you can save 50% or more on facilities that charge a fee.
  7. Join a discount camping club like Good Sam Club, Camp Club USA, Passport America, or the like to save 10-50% on campground fees.
  8. Eat lunch out instead of dinner. Often restaurants have the same menu but the prices go up at dinnertime. Prices for buffets in casinos go up sometime in late afternoon but the menu is the same.
  9. Look for book exchanges at RV parks where you stay. Trade an old book for one you haven’t read. Start a book exchange at your favorite campground, or encourage the camp host at RV parks to set one up to cut down on the cost of your reading pleasures.
  10. Eat right and get plenty of exercise (at least ½ hour per day) and you might be able to cut down on medicines and doctor visits.

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