The Power of Advertising on the Blog

Blogs (a.k.a.web-logs) are fast becoming one of the top destination spots for consumers on the web. And according studies quoted in eMarketer, more than 43% of US adult blog readers said they noticed advertisements on blogs, with responses breaking down to 47.4% for males and 39.4% for females.

A study by BuzzLogic/JupiterResearch likewise states that “blogs play a key role in ushering readers to the point of an actual purchase” and that “40% of blog readers have taken action as a result of viewing an ad on a blog; 50% of frequent blog readers say this is the case“.

Why you should consider blog advertising: Blog readers visit the Blog with the intent to absorb information. Each reader comes with an open and eager mind, ready to explore and interact. And the constant influx of fresh content on the Blog yields a high return visitor rate, which results in a higher level of consumer engagement with your brand.

You’ll drive sales and conversions while maintaining your ability to fully track your ROI, ensuring that you get the maximum return for every dollar spent. If you’d like to see how powerful blog advertising can be, call the sales office nearest you (listed below) today and watch your sales grow.

NEW! Be sure to ask about our geotargeting functionality, eNewsletter and blog advertorial integration opportunities, AND video product placement/sponsorship opportunities!

Most popular ad slots available on the blog (highlighted in screenshot on right):

  • top right – 468×80 (on all pages)
  • right center – 300 x250 (on all pages)
  • left center – 234 x 60 (on blog homepage only)

Additional ad sizes available on

  • 728×90
  • 160×600
  • 120×600
  • 125×125

Or you can be even more relevant to potential customers by taking advantage of an advertorial offering on both the blog and within our eNewsletter. For more information or ad rates, please contact the advertising or dealer office nearest you:

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