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Spotlight: Junction

This charming Texas town is more than a country crossroads

How the town of Junction in central Texas got its name is no great mystery, considering two navigable rivers and four major highways converge and intersect here. Since its founding in 1876, the town has been a crossroads and gateway to east, west and south Texas. More surprisingly, perhaps, is the official nickname of this Lone Star State town: “Land of Living Waters.”

Despite its scorching central Texas setting, Junction is, in fact, home to more flowing waterways than any other town or county in the entire state. Kayaking, canoeing, river-tubing and fishing are among the most popular activities in and around this community of fewer than 3,000 residents. By spring of each year, the flow of surrounding rivers, creeks and streams picks up considerably, attracting visitors from far and wide for the remainder of summer.

The community itself is small and rural, home to less than 3,000 residents. The nearest big city, San Antonio, sits 115 miles away to the southeast. Mastering the art of supreme relaxation is the principal pastime in this township, followed closely by exploring the great outdoors.

Larry D. Moore

Larry D. Moore

Riding the River

The North and South forks of the Llano River attract most of the attention. Guide and equipment outfitters make it easy to kayak, canoe, raft, fish, hunt and hike the immediate area and surrounding backcountry. On river-float trips, most guides offer launch and pick-up services, allowing you to float the length of the river with transportation waiting for you downstream.

South Llano River State Park is probably the best place to start your outdoor adventures. The main park entrance is located roughly 4 miles south of downtown Junction, hugging the eastern shores of the South Llano River. At 507 acres, the park is just big enough to lose yourself in, but small enough to explore in full over the course of a lengthy visit.

The park is also home to one of the largest natural turkey roosts in the state. Hunting is prohibited, but observation blinds are littered throughout the “Turkey Roost” section of the park down along the South Llano River frontage. Aside from wild turkey, however, you’re just as likely to spot white-tailed deer, bobcats and armadillos.

If you’re an angler, the “Land of Living Waters” will seem like a dream come true. Both branches of the river burst with an abundance of largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, perch, channel catfish and yellow catfish.

Billy Hathorn

Billy Hathorn

History on Display

A popular hotspot for history enthusiasts is the National Museum of the Pacific War, located in the nearby German-themed town of Fredericksburg. Dedicated to showcasing the history and events in World War II’s Pacific Theater, the museum’s collections include a range of original artifacts and educational exhibits.

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